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How to Open a Frozen Car Door

Rujuta Borkar
Stuck with a frozen car door and don't know how to open it? Read the following story for more details.
You look out of the window that morning and there's snow everywhere. The winter's finally here. Everything looks so clean and pristine. All fluffy and snowy. How you truly love everything about winter ... that is until the time you walk to your car and find the door frozen shut in place.
Suddenly the winter is not very appealing now, is it? Now what? No, we don't have to wait till the end of winter to open the car door and we definitely do not have to freeze our hands off in a futile effort of nudging and grunting, all in vain for coaxing the door open, 'cause of course there are ways of getting the car door open.
And in the following story we will take you through the different ways of how to do exactly that. Continue reading for more details on how to open a frozen car door in the following section.

Pushing the Door

Try this before you do anything else. Most of the time people will yank the door towards themselves in vain. Instead of that, push your entire weight onto the door. Sometimes this is enough to get the snow chipped off. Thus making it possible to get the car door open.

Heating Keys

Sometimes the entire door is not frozen. It's just the keyhole. If you find that only the keyhole is frozen, then it is easier to get that part to thaw more easily than the entire door. How to do it? Take a lighter and heat the key till it is burning hot, then simply insert into the keyhole and let the snow thaw. But make sure that you do not heat the key to such an extent that it changes shape.

Chipping Off Snow

Take a pointed object like a blunt knife and chip the snow that has gathered all around the door. You'll have to be patient and work slowly on this one. Make sure that you do not chip the car paint off. A little coaxing and the snow will be tackled. After the snow has been chipped off, use some force to nudge the door about and it'll open with a little effort.

Hot Water

Heat some water―not to the point of it turning scalding hot. Take a tumbler and pour it over the door after the excess snow has been chipped off beforehand. The snow will melt, then yank the door open with an additional force. But do this immediately or else the water will freeze right back.

Alcohol Content Solution

A solution that contains alcohol in little quantities is seen to help in melting the ice. If nothing else, use a windshield cleaning solution and pour it over the door. It'll melt the snow and you can open the door. Make sure that the alcohol content is less and that there is no acidic content in it that can damage the car parts in any way.

Hair Dryer

Nothing like a little heat to get the frozen door to open. Use a battery-powered hair dryer and work on melting the ice. It'll take patience, but this is one of the most convenient and safest ways of successfully opening a frozen car door.

Preventive Steps

The winter will more often than not freeze the car door over and that is why one needs to try to prevent it from happening. You could go in for a car from among the best snow cars which are especially made to adapt to the winter. There are certain sprays available that will act like a lubricant and prevent the car door from freezing into place.
Use a paper towel to spread onto the door jamb and the rubber seals. Get your hands on one of these and you're set. You can also park your car in areas that get direct sunlight so that it prevents the freezing in the first place.
Here's hoping that you now have an idea of some very effective ways of how to open a frozen car door and will not have to be stuck out in the snow, cursing your luck.