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How to Make Bumper Stickers

Naomi Sarah
There's nothing perplexing about learning how to make bumper stickers especially if you have a budding amount of creative genes coursing through you.
Bumper stickers were first used as an advertising gimmick to promote a range of things, especially vacationing spots. People smacked on a bumper sticker about where they were going for everyone to see from the rear of their transportation.
Later bumper stickers evolved into brightly inked ones on backgrounds of black and blue, with catchy one liners and announcements that grabbed the attention of those who happened to notice them.
Later on bumper stickers took on a whole new look, changing its entire purpose into one that allowed it to be a source of expression on how one felt or what they believed in. Not only did it serve the idea of conveying a message to those who were behind you in a traffic knot, but it shouted out opinions, funny phrases and even appealing images.
The bumper sticker craze didn't stop there, transportation of all kinds sported one or many of them at a time, in a myriad of colors and sizes with people plastering these up in their homes on mirrors and wallpaper even. It is both a creative form of speech and a way of saying something out loud, while someone else of course reads it if not hear it out loud.
Slogans, quotes, one word illustrations and images are what they're all about today and the trend is back in full swing, where these are attainable from online or can even be made from at home.

How to Make Bumper Stickers at Home

Let's get down to the different ways on how to make these stickers, which I'm sure you'll find both exciting and fun to do.
Get a hold of double-sided tape, and a couple of thick paper sheets (chart paper) in colors that you prefer. Get a set of acrylic paint / colored markers and get creative in writing out little quotes, sayings or a drawing of something you love.
Even symbols and similar designs can be incorporated, like first cutting out the shape of the paper in what you want, painting it and then sticking it to one side of the double-sided tape before it dries out and is ready for use.
Use inspiration from TV shows, singers, bands, beliefs and so on to get you in the mood to turn these into better creations that you can slap onto your car, motorcycle, refrigerator, office cubicle, locker at the gym and wherever else you think it would look great on.
Using the same technique, cut out larger strips of the double-sided tape and use stencils with all kinds of art creations to make your bumper sticker. Once you have the tape ends stuck together to make a bigger sticker, you can glue this to the other side of the thick paper and use the stencils as a guide if you don't trust your hand with freehand artwork.
You can buy printable sheets that have sticky behinds that can be peeled away after something has been printed to its front.
Slip this into your printer, opting for the size it can accommodate - A4, A3 or whichever one you have that works - choose a bumper sticker from the available websites that have customized and ready-to-print ideas, that you can have as your very own once printed.
Cut it out into strips, where different designs, logos and creations can be snipped if you randomly print these on the sticker paper. Be sure to use a reliable printer, and to make certain that they like designed for bumper sticker printing.
Experiment with shapes and sizes when it comes to the bumper stickers, keeping it to a minimum so that it doesn't come off as a huge poster stuck up behind your car or whichever space. Arm length and breath sized stickers works well, right down to palm sized bumper stickers which are just as neat.
Don't be afraid to add your own spin to the bumper stickers and avail of cool software that allows you to design prints that you find eye-catching.