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How to Install a Trolling Motor

Azmin Taraporewala
A trolling motor acts as an activation device for fishing boats to navigate. A write-up dedicated to helping you comprehend the procedure for installation is also equipped with some guidelines on choosing the right trolling motor to help the boat achieve an equilibrium in the waters by drawing it smoothly.
A trolling motor functions as a propeller for fishing boats to maneuver. The motor is powered by batteries that aid in the navigation process. However, an important subject to be retained in mind is that the trolling motor is not the sole resource of activating power to fishing boat, rather its installation compliments the gasoline engine that is affixed in the boat. The control that is achieved when one is through the installation process, thus, is immense.

Trolling Motor Installation Process

  • The first step of the installation is to decide on the position of the motor. One needs to place it on the deck and figure out the dynamics of its positioning.
  • For the positioning to be accurate, one needs to place the motor using a strategy that lends the motor to stay where it is placed, thus not interfering in the working of the hull. Now this becomes your mounting base.
  • To be sure that you have hooked on to the right place, mark the area with a pencil or a marker pen.
  • Place the motor aside and take the drill bit into consideration. The pencil marks serve to be guiding points for the drill bit to work its way into the deck.
  • After the drilling is done, one could do away with the muck and sawdust found in abundance on the deck where the motor is supposed to be placed.
  • It is most important for one to understand that when the motor is placed in a stowed position, or is encased well, it has to be seen that the motor does not interfere with the boat parking or docking.
  • You also have to makes sure that the mounting base is positioned right to facilitate efficiency in the motor movement.
  • With the holes that you drilled, mount the motor in sync with the motor holes. Place the bolts into the motor through the deck with washers intertwined in the threads of the bolts. Fasten the bolts with a wrench.
  • Place the motor on a motor plate, which has to be placed on the deck first. You may also cut a plywood which is slightly longer than the motor base. Take measurements and place the motor on the plywood. Make sure to sand the plywood edges.
When you are done bolt the motor on the plywood through the deck. If you are interested in building plywood boats, you would have the boat and its base share the same material; which is plywood.
  • The final step is to connect the trolling motor to the battery of the boat. Take the red cable of the machine and inject it into the positive terminal and the black cable into the negative terminal. You may tighten the nuts well after the trolling motor has been installed.

Choosing a Trolling Motor

  • Take into consideration the boat weight and make your choice about the weight of the motor and the power that you want the motor to exert on the boat.
Depending on the boat size and weight, one must make the decision of choosing the trolling boat. The boat length also makes for one deciding factor. The fishing conditions are also taken into consideration.
  • The mount type plays an important role. If the mount type is bow mount type, then the boat will be pulled whereas when the mount type is transom, the boat is pushed from the rear. For small boats, however, a bow mount type is ideal.
  • You also have to keep the type of control that you want in mind. Is it hand control that you want or is it the foot pedal that will set your hands free and will keep the shaft submerged and well under control at the time of navigation. You may also choose to navigate with the help of a wireless remote.
  • Be certain about the boat space. Remember that batteries are heavy commodities and consume space.
  • Make sure you consider the motor voltage. If the motor is large, the voltage will also be significantly higher. Motors that have higher voltage are very powerful. Thus, consider the motor voltage for your boat.
Advice: While you feel proficient at the task of installing the motor, regard the price that you would like to consider for the purchase of the motor.