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How to Get Better Gas Mileage

Abhijit Naik
With the price of crude oil skyrocketing, everyone is eager to know how can gas mileage, i.e., the fuel economy, of the car be improved. If you are also trying to figure out the same, here is some advice that will help.
Fuel economy has of late become one of the most important attributes of a car. Basically, fuel economy is the distance covered by a vehicle using a stipulated unit of fuel. Increasing gas prices in the world market and its repercussions in the local market are making people opt for cars with good mileage. At the same time, people are also resorting to 'sensible driving' to get better mileage and save their hard-earned money.

Buy a Fuel Efficient Vehicle

If you are planning to buy a vehicle, it is wise to choose a model which boasts of a better fuel economy. In order to do this, you will have to spend some time researching about the various car models available, and the average fuel economy they offer. Initially, everyone opts for speed and sleek looks, but a few months down the lane, their priorities change; speed and looks are overshadowed by fuel economy.
Starting from the scratch and buying a car with a good fuel economy is any time better than opting for a car and then trying to get good mileage by resorting to different tips and tricks.
However, if you have already bought the car, selling it and buying a new one with better fuel economy is not a wise option. Instead, you can resort to some simple ways to improve gas mileage and save fuel.

Drive Efficiently

Not many people are acquainted with the concept of sensible driving in the first place, and those who do, are not quite interested in following it. Rash driving, frequent accelerating and braking, unnecessary load on the vehicle, etc., tend to decrease the fuel economy of a vehicle by a considerable extent. Being aware of the optimal fuel economy of your vehicle is also advantageous, as it gives you a rough idea of the speed range you need to drive in.
When idle, especially at traffic lights, it's better to put the ignition off, rather than wasting precious fuel. This will not just save your fuel, but also help in curbing pollution, which is the need of the hour. Plan your journey, even if its from home to office and back. Make a note of all the things-to-do on the way in your plan, this will save you a trip and thus, save your fuel. Driving efficiently is by far one of the best measures to add to the efficiency of your vehicle, the other being proper maintenance.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Time-to-time maintenance checks and fixing problems before they flare, can ensure that your car stays in good condition and consumes less fuel. Keeping the engine of your vehicle properly tuned can save at least 4 percent of your fuel. At the same time, about 3.3 percent fuel can be saved by ensuring that all the tires are inflated with required pressure.
Using low quality motor oil to save some money is bound to boomerang on you, as it will expose various parts of the car to frequent wear and tear and eventually, reflect on your gas mileage. According to the experts, the motor oil recommended by the manufacturer is the best bet.
Though simple, these measures are quite effective, so inculcating them as a part of your driving habits will be of great help for you. More importantly, it will also help you contribute your bit towards pollution-free environment. We need to keep in mind that gasoline is not a renewable fuel and the stores beneath the Earth's crust are getting empty fast.