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How to Clean Your Car Headlights with Toothpaste

Neha Deshpande
Although it may sound a bit strange, a toothpaste is actually an effective and inexpensive way to get rid of the grime that has collected on your car headlights. Try it out, and you'll know what I mean!
Buying a car is not a big deal these days, thanks to all the (credit) letting companies, who have made it possible for everyone to afford a car. But when the car arrives, the greatest task is to look into the maintenance, that too regularly.
We do want our car to look shiny and brand new all the time even if it is just two years old. However, it may not be affordable to pick up some cleaning kits from shop every time. And even if we wash it regularly, it's tough to retain the jazzy look that it once had.
Have you ever noticed that even when you wash your car regularly, you still fail to clean the headlights properly. The dust particles circulating in the air cause scratches to the headlights while the ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun damage it, making it appear dull over a period of time.
Instead of going the expensive way by using multiple fine-grit sandpaper for sanding and polishing followed by using sealants to protect them, how about trying a simple remedy for this -- use a toothpaste! Not only will it save your time, but you will be saving on some bucks as well. Try this remedy, and you'll see the wonders.
All You Need Is -
• An old rag, or a towel
• Toothpaste
• Water

Selecting Your Toothpaste

Toothpaste being a mild abrasive helps to fill scratches. Do not go in for any cooling crystals, or any other variety that includes fancy things, as it can form scratches on the headlights when you rub it on them. It's best that you pick the normal whitening one.

Steps to Clean Headlights

Here's a simple five-step process that will help you in removing that fogginess and allow you to see things better on the road when you travel at night. And of course, you can still flaunt your car with that sparkling look.
  • You have a pair of foggy headlights with you that you want to clean. Take a towel, or rag that is dry, and squeeze some toothpaste over it.
  • Then spread the toothpaste evenly all over the headlight. Start rubbing the toothpaste over the headlights in a circular motion; do it gently. Rub it till you feel that the grime is coming off.
  • Check to see if all the fogginess has gone, or else continue rubbing. Do not be very harsh, and do it only on the top of the headlights. You are not to open it and do this.
  • Once it is done, take some water, and splash it over the headlights. Rinse it well till all the toothpaste is removed from the headlights.
  • Then again take a rag, and wipe the headlight clean and dry. You will see the difference between the two headlights. Repeat the whole procedure for the other headlight.

How Long Will It Last?

When it comes to cleaning something, all we think about is how long will it last and when will we have to do it the next time. Now, using a toothpaste is a temporary solution; so it is obvious that it won't last for a long time although the method is an effective one.
You need to do this procedure every two to three months depending on how much you use your car. If you want the effect to stay longer, then once you clean it, you can use some polish and rub it on the headlights, so the time frame increases. As it is, how long does it take to clean using a toothpaste, and moreover, you don't have to spend anything, do you?
This was one of the most easiest ways to get the grime and fogginess removed from your car headlights in order to make it look conspicuously new. Did you ever imagine a toothpaste to do the trick for you?