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How to Clean Car Windows

Tulika Nair
Most of us clean our cars on a very regular basis but the cleaning more often than not tends to remain superficial. It is important to clean car windows and other vehicle parts properly to ensure that your vehicle gleams and shines.
Have you ever noticed how a simple swipe of cloth across the car window can drastically improve its appearance? One of the vehicle parts that tends to collect dirt the fastest are the windows of the car. While most of us tend to believe that simple dusting of the window is enough, the fact is that it is essential to clean every crevice, nook, and corner of the window and window rims with the correct cleaning products to ensure proper cleanliness. Here are some easy steps to clean the windows of your car.

Cleaning Car Windows

In order to clean car windows properly, there are two important tools that you need. One is the window glass cleaner and the other is the cloth that you will use in order to clean the window. Most glass cleaners available in the market are ammonia based which are great for cleaning out any stubborn spot of dirt, can be difficult in other ways. For one inhaling ammonia fumes can be extremely harmful to your health and second, ammonia can destroy your upholstery.
If your car has tinted glass windows you should definitely not use ammonia based glass windows. The best type of cloth to use in order to clean windows are microfiber cloth pieces that can clean pretty much anything. You could also choose to use newspaper dipped in water. 
This can be a great alternative as it also saves you the trouble of cleaning the tiny fibers that microfiber cloth pieces tend to leave behind. Also the ink that is used for printing newspapers functions as a great alternative to glass polish.
Follow the steps given here in to clean the windows of your car properly.
  • It may be a good idea to always start cleaning the windows of the car by cleaning the driver's door and the door of the passenger seat in the front.
  • With a framed car window, you will need to lower the window a little in order to clean the top of the glass properly. Clean this part properly with glass cleaner and cloth, dry it, and then roll it back up to clean the rest of the window.
It is important to clean the corners of the windows properly. This is area where most of the dirt gathers and therefore will need a lot of attention from you.
  • While cleaning the window on the passenger side of the front seat, you can clean the windshield as well, as there is no obstruction between you and the windshield.
  • While cleaning the inside of the back window, it may help you to use the back of your hand to hold the towel against the lower edge so that you can reach the bottom of the glass with ease.
  • If you have a problem dealing with the water spots on your windows, then you may find it difficult to clean with normal glass cleaners. Chances are you will need to use a homemade cleaning solution to clean the spots.
We suggest using a vinegar-water solution with two parts vinegar and one part water. This will help get rid of any of the alkaline rich water spots on the window.
  • While cleaning the car windows, it may be a good idea to also clean the wipers installed on the windshield. Since you use the wipers to clean the windshield glass, you would want it to be devoid of any dirt or dust.
  • It is possible that there may be a build-up of dust around the corners of the rim of windshield and the car windows. If this is the case, then you want to use a toothbrush and a glass cleaner to clean out the dirt completely.
Cleaning car windows is not difficult in any way but it is important to pay attention to all the parts and clean the windows with a sense of thoroughness and precision.