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How to Clean Car Floor Mats

Marlene Alphonse
Car floor mats tend to get dirty often and the need to clean them arises quite frequently. For this it is necessary to clean car floor mats on a routine basis, which will keep them looking new always...
One of the many necessary accessories in cars is the floor mat. These mats, which are laid in the interior of the vehicle, help protect the floor of the car and keep dust, dirt and other debris from accumulating on the floor. It also helps beautify the interiors of the car.
Though this accessory comes with the vehicle itself, you can also purchase car floor mats of your choice from a car accessories store. This particular car accessory keeps on getting dirty on a continuous basis, all round the year, owing to the dirt sticking to the footwear.
Since this continuous abuse of the floor mat may make it look crusty and filthy, a regular maintenance routine is essential to keep the mats in good condition and long-lasting. Dusting and cleaning the floor mats will keep them looking new.

Instructions for Cleaning Car Floor Mats

Everyone loves to have a clean car interior, hence, dirt on the floor mat can mar the appearance of the car. One of the best ways to clean car floor mats is to remove them from the car and clean the debris and dirt from them.
In case you have decorative car floor mats, you will have to take proper care while cleaning them, so as not to spoil the material of the mats. Cleaning the car floor mats is quite an easy task, and with a few materials like a vacuum cleaner, water, detergent and a car floor mat cleaner, you can accomplish it quite satisfactorily.
Here are some instructions for cleaning the car door mats.
  • For dusting the mats, it is essential to first remove them from the car and shake them vigorously in the open. This action will dislodge the dust and debris stuck in the creases. After this you can sweep the mat by laying it on the ground. Once done shake it again to clear the loosened debris.
  • With the help of a vacuum cleaner, you can suck the dust and debris from the mat, place the mats on the ground and run the vacuum cleaner on the mat. Continue this process till all the mud in between the gaps is completely removed.
  • You can also wash car floor mats in water. However, before using water, make sure the material of the floor mat does not get damaged. Using a hose, spray water on the mats, concentrating on the creases more, as these are the places where debris get accumulated in large numbers.
  • Washing the car floor mats with detergent or floor cleaner is also an excellent idea to get rid of accumulated dirt in them. Make a mixture of detergent and water, which can be sprayed onto the mat.
  • Using a brush, scrub the mat thoroughly so that the embedded dirt may surface. You can then rinse the mats with water till the detergent and dirt is washed off.
  • There are also several car floor mat cleaners that are available in car accessories as well as home stores. To use this cleaning agent, follow the instructions given on the container.
In case the floor mats need washing post the usage of this agent, spray water and allow the mat to completely dry in the sun before placing it in the car again.
For beautiful interiors of the car, remember to clean the floor mats on a routine schedule, a task which you can do on your own, or take the vehicle to a car wash.