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How to Clean a Carburetor

Ujwal Deshmukh
Carburetors are an important device in any vehicle and tend to clog over a period of time. Therefore, this story explains how a carburetor needs to be cleaned.
Well, I do not know how many in this world do, but I am sure, at least you do! Remember, each and every part of your vehicle is important. Therefore damage to any of the part can lead to a vehicle breakdown, making it idle until it gets repaired. The carburetor is one such important part, that requires regular cleaning and maintenance.
What is a carburetor? To put it in simple words, a carburetor is a device fitted into the vehicle's internal combustion engine, to combine vaporized fuel with air, before the ignition. The carburetor actually serves without any troubles for a long time.
 However, being a machine it also tends to get damaged and clogged with dust particles and remains of old fuel. Hence, it becomes necessary to clean the carburetor and prevent further damage to the vehicle.
Well, now the experienced might be well aware of it and do not need any written procedure to clean the carburetor. However, the new entrants and the beginners definitely are eager to know how to clean a carburetor.

On a Motorcycle

Cleaning carburetors is a very simple process. In fact, one of the simplest in 'Do it Yourself' vehicle repairs. Here are the steps involved in cleaning a motorcycle carburetor.
  • The first part of cleaning is to remove the carburetor. For this, untie the idle cable and the throttle. You could reach the fuel line on doing so.
  • Now shake the carburetor back and forth and move it away from the manifold.
  • Now, there's a choke cable and a bracket which acts as a channel to the fuel line. Lift the choke cable out of the top of the bracket and further clip it.
  • Now, the next step is to pull down the idle cable to pull out the choke cable.
  • Further, as you have pulled out the choke cable, you should disconnect the vacuum hose. You can find its connection at the rear end of the VOES switch.
  • As soon as you disconnect it, you can remove the carburetor from your motorcycle.
  • Once you have removed the carburetor, you need to clean it.
  • There are actually many ways of doing it. You can either put the carburetor into boiling water and when the dirt and sticky particles are cleaned, you can dry it into the sun or with compressed air. Another method is to clean it with carb dip, which is a strong cleaning agent.
  • Clean the bowls once you have cleaned the main body of the carburetor and then reinstall it in the motorcycle.

On a 4 Wheeler

The first step is to remove the carburetor from the engine of the car. But, while removing it, be careful about all the nuts and bolts as there are many attached to it. Loosen the cables and disconnect the hoses so as to remove the carburetor from your 4 wheeler.
Next, take out the carburetor and clean it with either a sufficiently strong cleansing agent by dipping the carburetor in it for around one day, or with a boiling water, as said earlier. Dry it with a clean cloth. But the best way is to let it completely dry in the sun. Re-fix the carburetor in the 4-wheeler.
Some people have a damaged or clogged carburetor in their lawn mowers or go carts. The procedure is not at all different from these said ones. You need to remove the carburetor by loosening the bolts, nuts and disconnecting the hoses and then clean it.
Remember, regular cleaning of a carburetor is economical than actually repairing or replacing it, when it gets damaged. So clean it and enjoy hassle free driving!