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How to Change Wiper Blades

Rahul Thadani
The wipers of a vehicle are essential in order to get clear visibility, and replacing them without the help of a professional is something every car owner should know. Follow the instructions given here in order to do that.
Like any other technique, changing wiper blades can only be mastered with practice. Most replacement kits that are available in the market have a load of unintelligible instructions, and components that do not seem to fit anywhere. But with some careful study and an able guide, you can easily achieve this simple task.
The wiper blades of a vehicle are very important parts, as they maintain clear visibility on a rainy day. Even at times when there is a lot of dust settled on your windshield, it is the wiper blades that clear the dust out, so that you can see things clearly. Defective or broken ones can be a major hindrance to visibility, and can lead to terrible car crashes.

Replacing Wiper Blades

It is important to remember to carry out this task in warm and sunny weather. Performing this task in the rain can be a major hassle, though unfortunately this is the time when everyone actually remembers that the blades need replacing.
When the blades or the windshield are wet, replacing them becomes quite hard. Otherwise, when dry, it is a fairly simple task to do.
  • First you need to remove the old wipers, but be careful while doing so, because the wiper arms may cut your fingers or scratch the glass.
  • Prop up the arms in an upright position.
  • There will be a small compressible tab on the underside of the arm where it meets the wiper. Press this tab. This will enable you to remove the old blades.
  • Now slide the blade off smoothly.
  • Without the soft wiper, the metallic wiper arm can snap back into its position, hit the windshield, and damage the glass. In order to avoid this, rest the arm back in its original position slowly.
  • Now comes the tricky bit of attaching the new blade onto the arm. The arm will have a hook on one side, and this needs to click and fall into place on the blade.
  • The wiper arm goes between the opening on the blade, and the hook must find the right spot to get attached; once that is done you will hear a clicking noise.
  • This is the trickiest part, but once you figure this out, hopefully you will never forget how to do it.
  • For a beginner, this can be a slightly daunting task, as it becomes slightly difficult to locate the part on the wiper blade where the hook goes.
  • Once you have figured it out, carry out the task for the blade on the other side, and then check if the wipers are moving smoothly and functioning properly.
If you are in doubt, because this is the first time that you are attempting to carry out the replacement, have someone who knows how to do it, show you. If you are really not confident about yourself and don't know any friend who is a routine DIY-er, take the help of a professional, and ask him to tell you how it is done. If he is affable, he will readily accede to this request.
It is important to purchase the right kind of replacement blades for your vehicle, as the wrong kind would just not fit and function properly. When you are purchasing them, preferably take your car to the store and ask them to give you the ideal ones for your particular vehicle.