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How to Change a Speed Sensor

Marlene Alphonse
Speed sensors can wear out with the passage of time and may require replacement. In this story, let us discuss the procedure to change a speed sensor...
The speed of every automobile is determined with the help of a speedometer. This device monitors the speed of the vehicle, which is indicated by a needle and is operated by the speed sensor. This magnetic coil, which is also referred to as a vehicle speed sensor, is located at the bottom of the transmission system in every vehicle. The model however, may differ according to the vehicle in which it is fixed. The main function of this device is to measure the rotations of the gears and transmit information to the speedometer which is fixed in the dashboard.
At times, the speedometer may be unable to relay the exact speed of the vehicle, which may indicate that there is some issue in the transmission system. If you find that the speedometer is not working properly, it may mean that the vehicle speed sensor has become dysfunctional and may require to be replaced.

Instructions for Replacing a Faulty Speed Sensor

A defective speed sensor needs to be changed to ensure the smooth functioning of the speedometer. You can either take your vehicle to the mechanic for replacing the speed sensor, or can do it on your own. Since it only requires unscrewing, it as a replacing method which you can also do it at home, instead of taking it to the garage.
This may also help save the cost of replacing a vehicle speed sensor which may range from $10 to $50 approximately, based on the model of the vehicle you own. Mentioned here are instructions for replacing the vehicle speed sensor.
Before you go ahead, purchase a new sensor matching the model of the worn out one. You can find the new vehicle speed sensor in any auto parts supply store. You can take your old sensor for reference regarding the engine size, make and model of the part. Always insist on genuine parts to prevent any further issues.
  • Since the speed sensor is located beneath the vehicle, you will have to lift the automobile to gain access to it. Use a floor jack to lift the vehicle off the ground and hold it in place while you replace the sensor. After the car has been raised from the ground place the jack stands on either side to hold the vehicle steady.
  • Slide underneath the vehicle so that you can reach the transmission system. The sensor, which looks like a small plug, will be located at the bottom and connected with an electrical cord. To remove the sensor from the electrical plug, pinch the end of it to release the part.
  • Clean the plug off oil and dirt using a rag, so that when you fix the new vehicle speed sensor, there are no problems. Wipe the oil from the sensor housing and place the new sensor in the available socket. After setting the sensor in a straight position, rotate it in clockwise direction to fix it. To secure it properly, you can also use a wrench.
  • Reconnect the wires in the transmission system after the sensor has been fitted. Remove the stands and lower the automobile back on the ground. To test if the sensor is working, drive your vehicle around for a short distance. If the speedometer needle is showing the correct speed, then you deserve a pat on the back, as you have accomplished the task.
So you see, changing the speed sensor and replacing the speedometer cable in the vehicle was not exactly a Herculean task. Apart from this, regular servicing of your automobile will help keep the vehicle in proper working condition.