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How to Change an RV Awning

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Are you looking for tips on RV awning replacement? Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to change an RV awning.
Be it a motorhome or travel trailer, most of the recreational vehicle (RV) owners prefer fixing of an awning. Many times, awnings are already installed in the vehicles when they are bought. The RV awnings are best utilized for providing shade when you are on the road, especially for prolonged times on hot sunny days.
With such a feature, you can enjoy camping even on a rainy day. Similar to conventional door or window awnings, These awnings can be extended or retracted as per your requirements.
Needless to mention, proper maintenance of RV awnings is required for maximum durability. Follow the caring tips as provided in the manufacturer's guidelines. In case of small rips and holes, you can repair them immediately before the holes and defects become too big to handle.
 If the recreational vehicle awning is an old one with too many weak spots, then you can consider fixing a new one. Replacement of RV awning is not as difficult as it sounds.

Tips for Replacement

Prior to changing the awning, you should go through the replacement instructions. If you are not mechanically inclined, disassembling the awning can be dangerous. Hence, safety tips should be followed while undergoing the procedure of changing RV awning.
 In case, the awning is of a bigger size, you should take the help of another person for easy fixation and more importantly, for safety reasons.
Changing of the awning fabric is comparatively easier than replacement of the whole unit. You can purchase replacement parts from the original manufacturer or other awning suppliers. However, prior to purchasing the components, make sure you measure the dimensions of the unit and note them down properly. Then order parts with appropriate sizes that match the current awning.
For replacing the RV awning, set up the awning first. Check whether the awning fabric is fastened by snaps or other fastening tapes. With utmost care, unsnap the snaps one by one or remove the fastening tapes (whichever is applicable).
Following this, unwrap and / or remove the worn-out awning cloth carefully. Once you are done with this step, you can lay out the new awning fabric on a flat surface.
Allow the other person to hold one side and gently drape the awning cloth to the frame. Ensure that the corners of the fabric are fitted to the framework properly. After attaching the new fabric, you can fasten the awning to the framework by using snaps or fastening tapes. For better securing of the fabric, you can snap or apply tapes at regular intervals, i.e., by leaving a small space in between them.
Well! This was a brief information on how to replace RV awning. After you accomplish changing the awning, extend and retract it several times. That way, you can ensure its smooth functioning.
 If you are not confident to perform the task on your own, always hire a professional for changing the awning. Some of the supplier companies also provide free services for RV awning replacement. You can purchase the replacement parts from such suppliers for availing the service of changing RV awning for free.