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How to Buy a Used Car

Stephen Rampur
A person has to be very careful when it comes to buying a used car. Read on to know more on how to buy a used car.
There are several reasons why people go in for a used car, instead of a new one. They might want to buy the car which they like the most and is not manufactured by the company anymore. They may also want a vehicle for temporary use, as they would be permanently leaving for some other place or abroad.
Some youngsters may want to purchase an old one and then modify it, the way they want to. And some can't simply afford a new car. Moreover, second-hand cars sold nowadays are kept in such a good condition that the buyer won't even come to know that it's an age-old car.
Many people simply buy such cars and claim that they've bought it from a car showroom. One needs to ensure many basic things in purchasing a used car, as a wrong decision can waste all the money and leave you disgruntled.

Fix a Specific Budget

Many a time, people who want to buy an old car fix a budget and try to increase it after knowing that their dream car is just a few hundred dollars away. This decision may put you in debt.
Take in mind that you always have to pay several other expenses before buying a car, like road tax and insurance. Estimating overall expenses and using them in your budget before buying can be a wise option for getting assured of good value for money.

The First Car may not be the Best

Choosing the best car among several other used cars can be a difficult task. The suitability and feel of the car you want to buy won't be felt until you don't compare it with other cars of the same make and model.
If you buy the very first car which you checked, you can be at loss, as there could be cars more efficient, suitable, and inexpensive than that for which the amount was paid. You need to take sufficient time to select the most suitable car for you.

Perform Thorough Inspection

When you choose a car that is appropriate and most suited for your budget and style, carry out an in-depth inspection to be assured of the real condition of the car and it's value for the condition.
Check out the engine, inquire about the technical aspects, examine the mileage, be informed about maintenance and expenses, observe the interiors, and ensure if there's no major problem in the running of the car. All factors should be checked, as many used cars have been through severe road accidents in their lifetime.
Another way to check its real condition is to tell the seller about you putting the car for a mechanical appraisal, and then observing their reactions. If they suddenly appear panic-stricken, then there is certainly a serious problem in the car, and you need to get yourself out from that deal.

Take a Drive

This is a must when it comes to purchasing a used car. Getting behind the wheels of the prospect car is the best option for you to check if the car has some serious problems.
Apart from the assurance of the engine being better, you might even come to know if the seats are comfortable, will the car be suitable for long journeys, is the brake system good enough or needs to be replaced, does the car shake while driving at high speeds, is the gear shifting smooth enough, and many other factors.

Consult a Trusted Professional Before you Buy

A second opinion is very necessary to determine faults or demerits of a car, that go unnoticed. Before deciding to buy a used car, consult a person who has thorough knowledge. If that person is a professional car mechanic, he can help you to determine even the minor faults and disadvantages.
Moreover, you can also take help of a few close friends in checking out the car, as they would try to find all possible faults in that car and help you in selecting. If so, the seller might try several distraction techniques which would turn your and your friends' attention away from the car.

Always Purchase from an Esteemed Dealer

To prevent further problems, it's always good to purchase your car from a reputed dealer. Check the dealer's background well in advance before the buy.
Genuine dealers would even provide services such as affordable car loans, and ensure that the car is in well-maintained condition before you buy it. They may even offer some free check-ups and servicing for few months.
There are several other factors that you need to consider before ending the deal. However, in a used car's case, the considerations are much more than in the case of a new brand car from the showroom.