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How to Build a Cargo Trailer

Palmira S
Most of us dream of being able to carry our bicycle, motorcycle, or goods safely from one place to another. If you are one of these people, have a look at this story that cites steps for how to build a cargo trailer for trucks, bicycles, and motorcycles.
Utility trailers are vehicles used for transportation of goods and materials. There are different types of trailers like travel trailer, semitrailer, full-trailer, motorcycle trailer, livestock trailer, etc.
Some of these are small in size and mainly used for small businesses, while some are part of a large truck. They are diverse in their construction and design and also in their usability.

Steps for Building a Cargo Trailer

1. The materials required to build this are a camper, sledgehammer, reciprocating saw, and crowbars.

2. Dismantle the outside part of a pop-up camper. The frame of the camper is used as the main frame. Cut the metal siding of the camper with the help of reciprocating saw, sledgehammer, and crowbars.
3. Cut down the plastic roof off the camper shell.

4. Cut the cabinetry, countertops, and beds from inside the trailer with the reciprocating saw.

5. Pull up and loosen the trailer flooring with the help of crowbars.

6. Remove all the wiring and piping from underneath the trailer.
7. Cut the lumber to proper length and build a deck by laying the board on top of the frame. Secure them with lag bolts. If you want, you can leave some space between the two boards so that it can serve as an outlet for water.

8. According to the instructions specified by the manufacturer, connect the lighting kit to the rear of the trailer.
9. Run the wires from the hitch up to the frame so that you can connect the lights to your vehicle plug while pulling the trailer. Your utility trailer is now ready.

How to Build a Bicycle Cargo Trailer

1. Build the main body with 4 pieces of lumber of 1 x 2 dimensions. Make a ladder-like frame using 90 degree brackets and screw everything properly.

2. Attach wheels of diameter 16 inches to the frame using electric box cover plate.
3. Create a trailer arm by cutting and bending it, and drill holes into it so that it can be fixed to the frame. Attach the trailer arm to the frame.

4. Fold the electric plate. Drill a hole and bolt it onto the wheel of the bicycle. Screw an eye bolt and connect the trailer arm to it. Use a U-clamp for this connection. This will make your hitch.
5. Screw a plywood of the same size to the frame for creating a smooth surface. Here is your bicycle trailer, ready to carry your favorite bicycle.

How to Build a Motorcycle Cargo Trailer

1. Cut three pieces of wood of dimensions 25 x 25 x 1/8 inches. These form the front and rear of the motorcycle cargo. For building the sides of the motorcycle trailer, another two pieces of length 48 inches are required. Bolt all the pieces together, which forms the frame of the trailer.

2. Buy a handle from a trailer-parts depot and weld it to the frame.
3. Connect an axle of diameter 12 inches to the frame. The maximum length of the axle should be 40 inches. Attach the wheels on this axle.

4. Finally, attach plywood over the frame to make it smooth and to avoid any damage to the motorcycle. These steps can help you build a motorcycle trailer that can be used for the transportation of your motorcycle.
Cargo trailers are essentially important for the transportation of vehicles and goods. So, gear up to carry your motorcycle, bicycle, or other goods anywhere at any time safely and without hassles.