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How Much is My Car Worth

Medha Godbole
Were you racking your brain, thinking about how much your car is worth? Read on to get a low down on that.
Okay, you own this beauty of a car, but now it has started to give up. It has been with you for quite some time now and is showing signs of wear and tear. You are contemplating selling it off. If this situation applies to you, then what do you think you would do? Well, there is almost no doubt that if the car is really old, you will surely sell it off!
But that cannot happen instantly, right? You will have to research on the market scenario, potential buyers and, you will have to be thorough with the condition of your car and its worth. Any car seller will have to answer this question, before he even gives a thought to selling his car. Here we will find an answer to this question.

Determining the Worth of your Car

Several reason can lead you to analyze your car's worth - insurance after an accident or you simply want to sell it off. The problem is until and unless you settle on a deal, there will not be any chance that you would be able to know the exact value of your car.
The Pricing Guides

Looking up car pricing guides is a great option at the onset. There are a number of reliable online car pricing guides, which will help you in selling used cars online. Kelly Blue Book and NADA guides are the most popular ones in this category. There is also this Edmund's car appraiser.
While NADA offers just 3 types of trade-in values and does not offer a private party selling value, Kelly Blue Book gives you a number of options based on the conditions of the car, from the excellent to a poor condition and then gives you rough car prices. It can also guide you about the condition of your car if you are not sure of it.
Edmund's too offers classification of cars based on the condition. It also has a facility of images for the car you are researching while the evaluation is going on. All of these resources give you different trade-in numbers for the same vehicle. Hemmings too is another online resource to get an idea about the values of classic and vintage or antique cars.
Company Appraisals

Another way to find out how much your car is worth, is to sign up for a free appraisal with auto appraisal websites, for instance, Auto Appraisal Network. Contact forms will have to be filled up for the appraisal.
You can get a ball park figure for your question! Although, if you are looking at getting beyond just the ball park figure, there will be a charge for it.

Some Other Factors

When you are looking at selling used cars, a very minor but crucial consideration is the location and the season. If you wait for the right season to sell your car in the right location, you have a lot of chances to get a top dollar for your used car. That invariably means that your car's worth and value will both go up.
To give you an example, if you want to sell off your convertible, as it is not exactly comfortable thanks to the hot weather in your region, it will not fetch you a good price locally. On the other hand, in a region where it is cooler, it is going to get you better money.
Another aspect in finding your car's worth is the model and type. For instance, classic and vintage cars cannot hold their value as their spare parts is a problem. So values of classic car, too, are variable.
If nothing else, you can always go to a used car dealer, show him the car and get the estimate from him! It will at least give you a rough idea! All the best!