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Homemade Windshield Washer Fluid

Fatima Rangwala
Are you searching the Internet for the right information on how to make a homemade windshield washer fluid, but can't find the right information? Well, this story will provide you with some of the best homemade recipes to prepare the same.
A windshield washer fluid is obviously a cleaning fluid that is used in four-wheeler vehicles to wash the windshield and keep it clean throughout the time the driver is driving the vehicle.
In normal climatic conditions, a windshield is easy to clean off without much of a hassle, but in times of extreme cold climate, a car's windshield tends to accumulate layers of ice and grime.
Therefore, a preheated fluid is stored inside the windshield washer fluid reservoir, (the fluid is kind of warm in nature) and when it's squirted out on screen, all the frost is cleaned instantly.
Normally, such fluids come in a lot of varieties and forms. North Americans use fluids in its diluted form, while other people residing in different countries use antifreeze chemical fluids as a windshield cleaning agent. A windshield wiper fluid is really vital for safe driving, but what if you forget to refill reservoir in your car?
What would help you clean your windshield amid your drive? Well, if you make your own windshield washer fluid and store it in a container in your car as a backup option, there are some real emergency times when you might actually need an option like this.
Learning how to make this fluid at your home will help you save money and time, which you will otherwise spend on shopping for all those antifreeze, and other typical chemicals needed to wash the screen of your car. So delve further into this article to read about all the various simple methods and formulas so that you can prepare the best washer fluid for the windshield at your home.

Various Formulas to Prepare a Homemade Windshield Washer Fluid

Note: One of the main drawbacks of using this fluid is, if it doesn't have an antifreeze agent or methanol present in the recipe, the risk of the fluid freezing is high. The fluid could only be suitable to use in warm climates, because the risk wouldn't be very high.

For Warmer Climates

  • Many people have used the method of mixing windex, liquid dishwasher fluid and water in equal parts. Mix 25% (3 cups) of windex, a teaspoon of liquid dishwasher fluid and 75% of water all together and you are going to have a nice homemade windshield washer solution to use in warm climates. This solution is not suitable for use in freezing climates.
  • Another easy way to make a this washer fluid is, take a huge empty jug, about a gallon size big. Pour half a gallon of vinegar in it and half a gallon of distilled water. Mix them well together in the jug and use it as your washer fluid to clean the screen.
Vinegar as a substance is known to be the best cleaning agent in nature because of its acidity. Thus, it will clean all the grime and dirt off the screen easily.
  • Collect 3 cups of glass cleaner (household cleaning solution) and about a gallon of distilled water in a jug. Mix them all together and pour it in the reservoir tank. You will see how it helps to clean the screen effectively.

For Colder Climates

  • Take a container and fill it with 10 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of liquid dishwasher solution and 1 cup of isopropyl alcohol. Mix them all well and fill the windshield wiper reservoir fluid of your car with this formula.
This recipe works to remove grime, dirt and all the debris off the screen and leaves you with a nice, shiny windshield to see through it clearly.
  • This recipe with water and methanol (antifreeze chemical) as ingredients, is known to be the most used homemade recipe to clean the windshield of a car. With just 90% of water content and 10% of methanol, you will get a streak-clean, shiny windshield soon.
  • Try this as another homemade recipe: mix 30% ammonia (non-sudsing) and 70% distilled water in a huge plastic container, which can be fitted with a lid. The non-sudsing property of ammonia is supposed to wash out all the dirt and residue off the screen and not freeze the windshield in turn.
So, these are plenty of windshield washer fluid recipes and formulas a car owner can try to make at home. They are a good way to save some bucks on unnecessary costly chemicals available in the market just for cleaning a car's windshield.