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Hit and Run Car Accident FAQs

We often receive a lot of questions in regards to what happens after a hit and run accident.
Zoey Fawell
Outlined here are some of the most common. Follow this advice for a successful claim.

What information must be recorded following the accident?

After an accident has occurred, it is imperative to note in detail the circumstances surrounding the incident. This is especially crucial if the other party involved has left the scene or doesn't have insurance.
Doing so is important because the MIB may require a detailed statement about how the accident happened.
A few helpful tips, never admit responsibility for an accident, inform the police and your insurer of the matter, don't lose the crime reference number, capture photographs, find out whether there are any witnesses, get the required medical treatment, keep a record of all the losses sustained as documentation may be required for proof.

Will I be able to make a claim if the other driver left the scene?

Definitely. The Motor Insurer Bureau is mandated to compensate victims of accidents caused by drivers who can't be traced or are uninsured.
Over the years as you pay for your insurance, you will have justifiably also contributed towards the compensation scheme fund and considering this fact, you are entitled to make a claim.

Is claiming a difficult process?

No - we have the necessary knowledge and expertise and we will make the process as simple as possible. We understand the complications and frustrations caused by being involved in an accident.
Hence, apart from proving how the accident happened and the types of losses you've suffered, we will also handle everything else,  from contacting the MIB, filing the form, determining your losses, and organizing the medical evidence for you.

Who bears liability if other driver doesn't have insurance or leaves the scene?

Luckily, there is a compensation scheme that has been established in the event that one has been a victim of a hit and run car accident or the other driver has fled the scene - This scheme is called the Motor Insurance Bureau.
This is the organization that pays for your losses if you get into an accident with a driver that is uninsured. Considering the complex nature of such types of claims, there are very strict rules that affected victims have to comply with when filing the claim.
Hence, you have to ensure that you gather and preserve all the necessary evidence of the accident as it may be crucial to the success of your claim.
The most crucial thing is that you maintain a detailed record of the accident, witnesses, capture pictures, report the incident to the police, properly store the Crime reference number and get medical treatment if injured.