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How to Clean Headlight Lenses of a Car

Ujwal Deshmukh
Cleaning the headlight lens regularly is necessary, as driving with a cloudy headlight lens is very difficult. Headlight lens cleaning can be done with a good cleaner, both commercial as well as homemade.
At the outset, let me ask you a question. How difficult would it be for you to drive with a cloudy headlight lens in the night? Well, I'm sure, whether you are an expert or a beginner, your answer will be 'very difficult'! But, then why face this difficulty? Why not clean the headlight lens and then drive safely?
Okay... enough of questions now. We will move towards the focus of our discussion. Headlight lens are the most vulnerable vehicle parts, towards fog, dust and other weather components. Such a foggy or cloudy headlight lens not only affects the overall look of the car but also makes driving difficult.
The solution to this problem is quite simple and it is cleaning headlight lens. The procedure is easy and does not take much time. You also need not be an expert for doing this task. Here is the procedure to clean a foggy headlight lens with a commercial headlight lens cleaner and also homemadeone.

Cleaning a Headlight Lens with a Commercial Headlight Lens Cleaner

Cleaning the headlight lens will remove its foggy appearance and provide you with a clean and clear light. Although, cleaning the headlight lens is necessary, the procedure is very short and very simple!
You will require a drilling machine, clean cloth pieces, a good quality cleaner and water displacer. Here's how to clean foggy headlight lens.
  • Prepare a small hole towards the lowermost portion of the lens, with the help of drilling machine. This will help in releasing existing condensation and also prevent it, as fresh air would enter the space.
  • Now, the next step is to take some amount of the cleaner and then apply it to a soft textured clean cloth.
  • Start rubbing the lens, gently and in circular motion.
  • Once, you finish applying the cleaner to the headlight, you need to wash the lens with water. But, see that you wash the lens before the cleaner dries up.
  • You are done with the basic cleaning process. Now, you need to move on to the polishing procedure. For this, apply some carburetor cleaner to a dry clean cloth and sprinkle some good quality, water displacing spray on the lens and then start polishing the lens.
  • Once, polishing is over, move on to apply some rubbing compound to the headlight lens. Use a soft textured and clean cloth for this purpose. After completing this, take a dry cloth and then shine the headlight lens.

Cleaning a Headlight Lens with a Homemade Headlight Lens Cleaner

It is not always necessary, that you have to clean headlight lens, the way mechanics do! For this purpose, you can also employ the use of a homemade cleaner. Cleaning the headlight lens in this way, would be equally effective.
Mentioned here is the procedure to clean a headlight lens with a homemade cleaner.
  • The first step is to prepare the cleaner. Take a bucket filled with some warm water and then add some laundry soap to form bubbles.
  • Now, apply the washing solution to the headlight lens and then keep it for sometime. This would soften the sticky dirt particles.
  • Once, this is done, you need to scrub the lens gently, with the help of a clean cloth. Keep scrubbing till the dirt particles are removed.
Headlight lens cleaning does not require thorough knowledge of vehicle parts and repairs. Just a bit of common sense and knowledge about cleaning procedures is more than enough.