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How to Build a Gas Scooter

Shashank Nakate
Scooters, powered by gas, can be easily built at home. The steps mentioned in the following story will show you how.
In order to build gas-powered scooters at home, what you need to focus on and require is a chain saw engine and an old scooter―these are two main components. It is possible a mini scooter without breaking your bank, and with minimal efforts.
Building the Scooter
The materials required for the construction are a chain saw engine, bicycle chain, scooter, drill, etc. The scooter should have inflated tires, unlike the hard rubber wheels normally used for motor scooters. It is also possible to build the frame of the scooter at home. One needs to carry out welding in order to construct this frame.
After gathering the necessary materials for building a scooter, the chain saw should be prepared for installation by removing the chain and bar from it. The centrifugal clutch should be separated from the crank shaft by unscrewing it. The mechanism of the operation of the scooter is such that the power generated by the motor gets transmitted through the sprockets to the bicycle chain and further to the wheels of the scooter. The limitation or drawback of having such an assembly is that the engine won't run in the idle state with the scooter being stationary.
The next step in the process is to fix its rear axle to the sprocket. The motor should be fixed on the rear of the scooter in such a way that the sprockets are aligned properly. The motor should be fixed to the scooter platform by drilling holes and bolting it together.
The chain should be wound around the sprockets and if necessary the chain links should be removed to make it tight. The accelerator should be attached to the handle bars and wired with the chain motor. After uninstalling the accelerator, controlling the scooter becomes easier.
Installing a hand accelerator could be difficult at times. A small pedal should be used in such situations.
The Necessary Parts
The parts that one needs are gas scooter pull starter, scooter inner tube, gas scooter carburetor, scooter tire, scooter drive belt, scooter chain, etc. These parts should be maintained properly and replaced, if the need arises.
Removing Wheels from the Scooter
One should learn how to change the wheels of the scooter. It helps the user to take care of the vehicle all by himself and also saves a few bucks. Generally, a 15 mm bolt along with a nut holds the wheel together. To remove the wheel, the nut should be loosened in a manner that it doesn't get stripped.
The bolt should be removed in a way that the spacers and bearings are not lost. The 5 mm bolts should be removed thereafter. Finally, the tube and tire should be removed.
Precautions and Care
One should be careful while driving a gas powered scooter, because the scooter is capable of attaining high speeds and thus, can cause injuries if not handled properly. It is necessary to check whether there are any kind of rules or ordinances regarding the usage of gas powered vehicles in the locality where the user intends to use the gas powered scooter. One should wear the necessary guards and use the required accessories required while driving the scooter to avoid any accident.
Just like electric scooters, a gas scooter is a nice vehicle to travel across short distances.