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Foods You Should Never Eat While Driving

Shweta Ajwani
The next time you are running late for office, and have no time for breakfast, you might want to think twice about finishing your half-eaten hot dog while driving to work. Read on to find out how dangerous this practice could be.

Danger Ahead!

According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the odds of an accident increased by 80% if the driver was eating while driving!
Another study by the same association proved that eating and drinking while driving was a cause of 65% of the 'near-miss' accidents. If numbers and statistics are to be believed, then eating while driving is far more dangerous than texting while driving!
If these figures are still not persuasive enough to prevent you from being a distracted driver, read how these delicious, mouth-watering, glazed, and can't-keep-your-hands-off innocent foods can pose a threat to your car, your life, and the lives of others on the road as well. As surprising as it may sound, coffee tops this list. Read on, to find out why.

Ten Foods You Should Never Eat While Driving


The most important drink of the day for almost half the human race, the morning cuppa brewed fresh and hot, can prove to be a downer if consumed while driving.
Think about it―potholes on the road, sharp curves, u-turns, maddening traffic―it is just not possible to drive your car around all these obstacles with one hand on the wheel and the other holding your coffee, without soiling your outfit or your car interiors.

Hot Soup

Decided to stick to your low-calorie diet and have hot, steamy vegetable soup for breakfast? That's okay, but do that at the breakfast table and not in the driver's seat of your car, while driving!
Unless you want burns and boils on your body, hot and sticky vegetables and garnish over your crisp office outfit, and a stinky day at work!


You've no time for breakfast, but you don't want to miss out on the amazing tacos your mom's cooked for breakfast.
You just decide to pick one up, and race along to start driving and eat while on the go. It's hard enough to manage these open-faced yummy sandwiches with both your hands. So, how do you plan to do eat, drive, steer, concentrate on the traffic, mayo, vegetables, and sauces, all at the same time?


They are greasy, they are messy, and they are overflowing with cheese, lettuce, and mayo from all sides!
Sure, they are yummy, but why can't you just spare five minutes and enjoy it at the dining table, or at the food-joint you bought it from, instead of at the wheel?
Burgers are meant to be eaten with both hands, and that's how they should be eaten and enjoyed. Surely, not with more than half your attention directed towards traffic lights and the traffic cop on the road.

Fried Chicken/Barbecued Food

Don't let the advertisement of a certain leading chicken-serving joint that has a group of four friends enjoying their fried chicken bucket while driving, inspire you. Fried chicken and barbecued ribs would have oils and sauces dripping off them.
Unless you are okay with your lap being sloshed with sauce drips, your steering wheel getting all greasy, and your car seats getting oil-stained, it is strongly advised to eat these foods where they should be eaten―at the barbecue.

Jelly-filled Donuts

Yes, there is no fixed time, place, or day to eat these small packages of sweet heaven, but eating sugar-powdered, jelly-filled, or choco-dipped donuts while driving can cost your clean clothes and shiny leather car interiors.
The distraction of driver increases significantly when he/she indulges in this sweet craving, and it is justified too. Avoid distraction on road, and enjoy your donuts peacefully, no matter how late you are running. Donuts are allowed a certain partiality.

Bottled Drinks

These include alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, aerated drinks, juices, iced or hot beverages, and the likes.
Applying sudden brakes to avoid a slashed bumper and broken headlights, not revving up in time at the green light, giving in to that sneaky pothole anybody could easily miss if they blinked twice, could lead to the drink spilling all over your clothes and create a groggy mess. Drinking with a straw could reduce the risk, but it would still be there.

Chocolates and Ice Creams

You don't want your everyday mode of transport to turn into a budding site for ants, fleas, and mosquitoes. Chocolates and ice creams, extremely sweet and creamy indulgences, are the most difficult to handle and the messiest foods you could eat while driving.
Picking out vegetables from under the seats while cleaning your car is still easier, but it is a real task to get rid of the chocolate stains that magically merge with your car's beige-brown interiors, and the tiniest ice cream cone particles stuck in seat corners that refuse to give in, even to the strongest of vacuum cleaners.


How? How would you eat a bowl full of cereal and milk while driving? Unless you have two pairs of hands, one controlling the steering wheel and gear box, and the other used to eat.
Not to mention, you would need an extra pair of eyes too, one to concentrate on the road ahead and the other to look into your cereal bowl. Even if somehow you are blessed with these extraordinary features, just think what would happen if you drive over a pothole whilst driving at top speed.

French Fries

Not to repeat the same old stuff, but this time, it is going to be salt all over your clothes, face, and car, instead of sugar, cream, ketchup, or mayo.
Easiest finger food there ever was, it should still be avoided while driving, to stay away from distractions and ultimately, road mishaps.

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Eating while driving is not an illegal activity, but it sure is a dangerous practice. Being distracted by fussing over food could lead to reckless driving which could cause mishaps on the road.