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Fog Lights Installation

Geeta Dhavale
Fog lights installation is one of the safety measures that every car owner must follow to avoid road accidents. This story provides a brief insight into their working and installation procedure.
Sam was on his way to the office in one of the foggy winter nights. He was driving faster on the traffic free road, as he was late for reporting for the night shift. As he was moving away from the house and reaching the office, which was situated in the outskirts, the amount of fog was increasing in the atmosphere, and navigating the road became difficult for him. Despite this, he kept driving without bothering about it, but could not reach the office that night because he met with an accident.
There are many such car crashes that take place due to rash driving in foggy atmosphere. To avoid such incidents, fog light installation can serve as one of the effective car safety measures. It can help you to navigate the road through dense fogs.

How Do These Lights Work?

Their primary function is to reduce the glare to increase the visibility in murky conditions. When the regular headlights are switched on, most of the light is reflected back, as the fog consists of minute water particles. The light does not pass through these particles, and hence, it is reflected back to the source.
This phenomenon is known as dispersion. This makes the atmosphere more blurry and blinding, and makes it more challenging for you to drive in such conditions. The solution to this problem is angled light; these are mounted downward facing the road. So, when you switch on one, it does not reflect into your eyes blinding you.
Instead, it provides you with some visibility on the road you are driving. Earlier, yellow-colored ones were used as fog lights, but today, no color is recognized as better penetrator, as it was scientifically proved that the wavelength of light is irrelevant when it comes to fog particles.


Mentioned here are some instructions that you must follow to install these lights well in place:
  • First, you need to buy them from the local automotive shops. Make sure that you buy those that are compatible with the outer decor of your car.
  • Now, you should gather following tools and materials: electrical tape, relay, bulbs, fuses, switch, wire strippers, wire nuts, mounting brackets, etc.
  • Also, make sure that you check their amp rating before buying, and buy a switch with a higher rating. If not, you need to buy a relay.
  • Now, locate the lights in the desired place, with the help of mounting brackets. Make sure that you select a feasible and easy-to-reach place for mounting them.
  • Now, you need to mount the switch in the vehicle. Make all the wire settings as prescribed in the instruction booklet. You may also take the assistance of an expert.
  • Install bulbs, start the car, and take a test to see if the connections are made properly. If the test fails, then check if you made the right connections.
  • Lastly, for weatherproofing, cover all the joints with electrical tape.
Fog lights installation may seem challenging, but it is easier if you take expert assistance, or have some prior experience. They are sure to help you get the visibility in murky conditions, but drive carefully and slowly, even if you have installed them. You may also try installing hazard lights, which are equally useful during emergencies.