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Flat Tire Repair

Niharika Arya
Flat tire is a very common thing to happen with anyone. But if you do not know anything about flat tire repair then you may be in trouble. So, get some tips on repairing a flat tire easily and quickly.
Flat tire can be considered as one of the major inconveniences that comes with a vehicle. However, you can get it repaired from any car garage. But if you are not so lucky, you may get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, with no garage around, and not even a single vehicle coming from either directions.
To deal with such situation, one needs to know how to repair a flat tire. Get the procedure and some important tips on repairing a flat tire in the following paragraphs.

Flat Tire Repair for Car

Following are some of the things which should essentially be present in your car repair tool kit. Gather these thing and keep them in your car whenever and wherever you go.

Things Required

  • Chock
  • Leverage Pipe
  • Lug-nut Key (for Locking Lug Nuts Only)
  • Lug-nut Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Jack
  • Flashlight
  • Rubber Cement
  • Rasp
  • Insertion Tool
  • Soap Water

How to Repair a Flat Tire

Now that you know what all thing you will require to repair your flat tire, buy them from the market and keep them in your tool kit. Always carry them, as you never know when your car is going to ditch you. So, go through the following steps:
  • As soon as you find out that you have a flat tire, bring your car to the side of the road on an even surface. Turn on the flashers and put the hood up. This will help the vehicles passing by to know that you are working on your car.
  • Now apply the hand brakes and chock the other tires with the help of rocks and wooden chocks. This will prevent the car from moving and rolling while changing the tire.
  • Now get your tool kit from the trunk. The tool kit should have the above tools mentioned in the things required section.
  • The foremost thing to remove is the hubcap. Some car have the hubcaps which do not required to be removed while changing the tire as they provide access to the lug nuts.
  • Now it's time to get through the tire. Lose the lug nuts with the help of lug nut wrench. You can do it by turning it clockwise. If it is tight then just put a leverage pipe over the lug nut wrench and then pull it hard.
  • Nowadays cars are provided with a special lug which does not open which the help of lug nut wrench. It is opened with a key which is provided with the car. Take that key and open the locked lug.
  • Now once you have loosen up the nuts it's time to use the jack. Now keep the jack on an even surface and raise up the car. Raise it to a point from where you can easily remove the flat tire and can fix the spare tire. 
Remember, the spare tire will be filled with air hence you should raise the car according to the spare tire's height. Some cars are facilitated with a space which is specially meant for the jack to be fixed.
  • Now remove the lug nut and keep them in your pocket or in a safe place from where they can be easily found without getting lost.
  • Now remove the flat tire and start repairing it. The first thing to observe is to find out the source of puncture or leak. You may find it as nail, screw or any sharp thing. If you have found it remove it with the help of pliers.
  • If you are not able to find the source then cover the entire tire with soap water. Now observe from where the bubbles are escaping from the tire. Mark that place with the help of a pen.
  • Now use a rasp which is used to make the surface of the tire rough.
  • Now take a plug and apply rubber cement on it. Hold it with the help of insertion tool and then insert the plug straight inside the hole. Pull the tool out immediately. This leaves the plug inside the puncture.
  • The rubber cement helps the plug to fuse with the tire which seals the puncture. Now fill air in it and check it once.
  • Fix the tire in a way that the air pressure valve faces outward. Put the lug nuts back into their position. Fix them in a zigzag or diagonal manner and then put on the hub cap.
  • Collect all the tools and put them back in the tool kit.
Now you can easily repair your flat tire whenever you face any car problems and can also save your time and money. So, enjoy a long drive without any obstructions.