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Fix Car Window

Abhijit Naik
A do-it-yourself guide which will help you deal with car window problems, like a jammed motor and cracks or scratches on the window, with ease.
Car window problems range from a minor scratch to a jammed window. These problems may crop-up due to many reasons, including something as simple as a worn-out motor, to an accident. In such circumstances, being aware of some of the most common problems and methods to fix them, can be of great help.

How to Fix Car Window Motor?

One major problem that you are likely to face is that of a worn out motor. In order to fix the car window motor, you will have to detach the door panel by removing the screws in the interior. Then you will have to locate the opening in the sheet metal which will give you access to the electric motor.
Unplug the wires which connect the motor to the cars electrical system. Next you should remove the old motor, which can be done by removing the bolts that mount it to the window mechanism. As soon as you unplug the motor from the mount and free it, the drive gears of the motor will automatically give way.
In order to install the new motor, you will have to position the drive gears and fix them to the mount using bolts. Once the motor is in place, you can secure the electrical plug connector. After replacing the door panel and switches, you can position the rivets and secure the panel back to the door interior. Test the window to see if the system is in place.

How to Fix a Crack in the Window?

Cracks in the car window is another common problem that many people experience daily. If it's just a chip, you won't face much trouble fixing it. But if the crack is large, fixing it can become a tedious task.
You don't just have to fix the crack, but also make sure that it doesn't spread. In order to fix the crack, you will have to use a fine drill tool and create holes at the crack. These holes should be as deep as the crack itself. Using a tidy cloth, clean the crack and get rid of minute pieces of glass in it.
Once it is clean, use an alignment tool over the drilled hole and attach suction cups to the window. Using a repair tube, drop in a few drops of resin in the crack.
As soon as you put the resin, screw a plunger in the hole for approximately 20 seconds. Unscrew it to let out the tiny air bubbles, screw it back, and allow the resin to dry for a minute. Once dry, you can put the finishing film on top of it and leave it on for approximately 10 minutes. Your glass window will look as good as new.

How to Fix a Scratch on It?

Not just cracks, but even car window scratches can hamper the elegance of your car. But thankfully, it's not so difficult to fix these scratches. Applying a mixture of toothpaste and powdered baking soda can help in getting rid of light scratches. But before you apply the mixture, you will have to clean it thoroughly with a glass cleaner.
If the scratches are deeper, you will have to create a mixture of buffing abrasive, anti-freeze (with glycol content), and water to get rid of them. Apply the compound on the scratches and allow it to dry for 3 - 4 minutes.
Buff the area with a terry tool for approximately 20 minutes and the scratches will disappear. When you are done, you can use water and soap to wash off the compound.
The cost to fix car window will depend on the problem you are facing. For instance, getting rid of scratches, which you can also do yourself, will be relatively inexpensive than repairing a cracked window, which may require professional help. The price may also fluctuate depending on the area wherein you reside and workshop you choose.
On an average, it may cost you anything between $50 to $500, inclusive of labor charges. Of course, a professional will charge you more, and hence, doing it on your own can save some of your hard-earned money.