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Types of Extended Car Warranties

Roy D'Silva
Extended car warranties are an important investment while buying a car. Here are some facts on this subject.
Extended car warranties are an excellent way to increase the resale value of the car. Also, such warranties increase the security of the car. There are various kinds of used car warranties available today. Basically, such warranties are for a period of two or six years, or for a preset amount of miles.
If one owns a car with an extended car warranty, he/she will have to take the car to any approved service location in case of a breakdown. Most extended car warranties have the buyer pay a deductible. This depends on the type of warranty one has bought.
Most car warranties cover seat belts and airbags for a certain time frame or a particular number of miles. Commonly, these warranties cover airbags and seat belts for five years of fifty thousand miles. Extended car warranties can be bought either directly from the car dealership or companies offering such features.

Bumper to Bumper

A bumper to bumper auto warranty, better known as premier plus auto warranty is offered on almost all new vehicle purchases. A bumper to bumper warranty covers the wear and tear on any part of the vehicle and part breakdown.
There are some aspects of car care which are not covered under the Bumper to Bumper auto warranty. These aspects are basic maintenance like tune ups, flat tires, and oil changes. Most used car extended warranties require deductibles. While most bumper to bumper extended warranties are inclusive of everything, some are isolated to certain things.


The powertrain warranty covers the engine, transmission, and driveshaft of the car. Some power train warranties last for the duration of the original warranty, while others last longer than the original warranty. They cover only certain aspects of the car. Therefore, if any other parts of the car breakdown or fail, they are not covered under this warranty.

Powertrain Plus

The powertrain plus used car warranty is an advanced version of the Powertrain warranty. It covers the wear and tear or breakdown of the engine, transmission, driveshaft, along with other car components like the axle, seats, gaskets, and a few more. This warranty may be expensive than most other car warranties, but it also offers more protection to the car.


This one covers all the aspects of a car. It is also known as a Full Coverage warranty. The Premier car warranty covers not only the powertrain plus aspects of the car, it also covers various other parts of the vehicle. Some aspects covered by this warranty are signal light breaks and keyless entry.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is a common offering by many warranty providers. It is a boon for car-drivers during far-flung visits. It makes it possible to receive help during a breakdown with a simple phone call. Roadside assistance is a very good idea, with some warranties also covering tow-truck charges as well as the charges of renting a car during an emergency.

Free Scheduled Maintenance

Some warranties include free scheduled maintenance of the vehicle for a period of time. This maintenance generally consists of mandatory car check ups like tune ups and changing the oil.
There are various companies offering car warranties which have their products listed on their websites. The websites offer more information about the features and advantages of the warranties they offer for cars. One should decide which warranty best suits their needs before opting for one.