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Electric Motor Scooters and Electric Motorcycles

Roy D'Silva
Electric motor scooters are the latest buzzword in cheap transportation. Here are a few details about this vehicle.
Motor scooters have been traditionally considered as cheap and affordable transport options around the world. They are even known to be more durable, some working for around thirty-five years. Motor scooters, like every other aspect of traveling, has seen tremendous change and upgrades since they first came into being during the Second World War.
Electric motor scooters and electric motorcycles are fast gaining popularity and prominence, and are being seen as a good option over gas-guzzling automobiles, motorcycles, and motor scooters of yore.
The truth be told, buying an automobile or a scooter was easy enough, it was the day-to-day expenditure on gas and oil that would need to be taken into consideration.
These scooters run on about one-third of the price of gas motor scooters. Contrary to popular belief, these scooters have been around for as long as gas-powered motor scooters have been. They run on rechargeable batteries and are more eco-friendly with zero emissions. The battery life can be anything between six to eighteen months.
Electric scooters are almost 100% noiseless, and lighter than their counterparts that run on gas. Therefore, they are perfect for new riders, or anyone who wishes to ride a light bike. Most of these vehicles require around six to eight hours of charging. Their engine power is generally a thousand watts.
Apart from being cost-effective, they are also low on maintenance costs. Apart from the advantages to the user, they are a good way of using renewable energy. Also, they are less accident prone, because they cannot match the speed of gas-powered motor scooters.
Generally, these vehicles offer a speed of around ten miles per hour. However, newer models allow riders to reach speeds of twenty-five to thirty miles per hour. They are good for travelers who have to travel in a radius of four to five miles everyday. However, covering long distances on these vehicles will be less convenient as compared to the gas motor scooters. The weight the scooter can push is determined by the wattage of the scooter; they are available in anything between a hundred to six hundred watts. More popular models are four hundred to six hundred watts.
One important factor of owning an electric scooter is that most states have regulations akin to gas-powered motor scooters. Though they have traditionally been powered by rechargeable batteries, innovation in fuel cell technology has enabled various prototypes to be made, which will make owning and riding an electric motor scooter a better experience than it is now. Governments are slowly waking up to the advantages of such machines as compared to those that require gas. For example, many European cities allow only electric traffic in the central zones.
There are various models available in the market. Almost all scooter dealers and manufacturers offer more details about their scooters on the internet. One should research and decide which is the best deal or model for them. One should also go into the warranty offered by the company, as well as have an idea of the spare parts available for the scooter.
Usually, the warranty for a typical electric motor scooter is about three months, while the warranty on the battery is for six months.