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Driving Etiquette

Cheryl Mascarenhas
Does owning a car make you the king of the road? Think again! It isn't necessary just to own a flashy car to impress that someone special; possessing good driving etiquette would probably do wonders for you and for others on the road too.

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Long drives with jarring music and a drink or two is a deadly concoction and spells disaster not only for you, but also for those around you. To be a conscious driver, you need to have an inkling of the manners of driving along with the basic rules and regulations.
Being a good driver is always better, as it saves you and the other drivers from unnecessary stress attacks. Coming straight to the point, here are a few pointers to make you an efficient driver and a responsible citizen, no matter which part of the world you are in.

Driving Manners to be Followed

Be Patient

Pedestrians and drivers are inversely proportional to each other. Where one has the benefit of a fast-moving car, the other has to rely solely on his limbs for transportation.
When in the driver's seat, remember to be patient with the pedestrian on the road; give ample time for the pedestrian to cross the road. Observing the right-of-way at pedestrian crossings is a must-have etiquette for all good drivers-to-be.

Give Others Ample Space

If you are among those who love their cars and hate seeing it damaged, you are advised to keep a safe distance between the car in front as well as the one coming from behind.
Law of physics teaches us that, any two fast-moving objects can collide, if the proper distance is not maintained. If you are in no mood to destroy your life and car, you are requested to respect the other car's space and maintain the required distance.

Avoid Being an Obstacle

No one likes someone interrupting their speed, especially not in the fast lane. Maintaining the speed limit as per the lane you are traveling in, is mandatory.
Here the rule is, if you can go fast, then why be slow on purpose. Avoid driving too fast or too slow and don't be a hindrance to traffic. Driving slow in the fast lane or fast in the slow lane is equally hazardous and can do more harm than good.

Dip the Beams

When driving in city limits, it is advisable that you keep the car beams on dippers, rather than the high beams, which cause inconvenience to others. Using high beams outside city limits is fine as long as you are driving down a lonely stretch of road and the terrain is seemingly rough.
Besides, using high beams can lead to fatal accidents owing to temporary blinding of the driver of the oncoming car or the driver before you.

Give Way for Traffic

The highway is not your personal property nor is it a race track for you to hog the lane. Just as you like to be allowed to merge into a lane and move according to your convenience, you should remember to give way for others trying to merge into the lane from service lanes.

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A courteous driver will give way to another, when the need arises, and will not frustrate the other drivers by tailgating or hindering their movement in any way.

Signal Whenever Turning

You do not have to stretch out your hand to signal your turn or when you want to change the lane. All you've got to do is, hit the 'Correct' signal button. But remember not to confuse other drivers by signaling right but instead turn left, and vice versa.

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Remember, you do not like to be inconvenienced by some driver who forgets to signal, so be responsible and avoid collision by signaling your turn well in advance.

Don't Honk Unnecessarily

The car horn is not an instrument that you can drum it constantly. It is to be used judiciously, only when the need is really felt. Unnecessary honking at traffic signals is also not favored while driving.

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By honking impatiently at the traffic, you only add to the stress levels of others as well as yourself. Be wise and save yourself and others from a stress attack by using the blessed horn sparingly.

Don't Play Jarring Music

Everybody has an ear for music but not everyone has the same taste as yours. For heaven's sake, keep the volume of the stereo at a lower decibel, thus sparing yourself and others from going deaf. Playing music at blasting volumes only makes you appear desperate for attention, thus putting you in a bad stead with everyone around.

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Don't Jeer at Others

Driving is stressful, and has the potential to make even the meekest individual become a lion. Jeering and calling names to others who do not drive equally fast is quite common among drivers.
Jeering at others is a complete no-no and should be avoided. So what if the other driver is not as fast as you or is driving a slower car, you still have no right to jeer at him. Besides, jeering and fingering isn't a good way to portray yourself to others.

Don't Snake Around Lanes

Constantly switching lanes is another turn off; besides, it is very risky both for you and the traffic around you. Avoid snaking through traffic unless you are a snake and have no other option but to move in a zig-zag manner.

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Change lanes only if necessary, otherwise do not cause inconvenience to other drivers with your onslaught of lane changing and zooming.

Don't Double Park

Possessing good parking skills is a sign of a good driver. If you haven't yet noticed, there are parking lines or confines all along the space. All you've got to do is park well within the confines of the lines.
Avoid trespassing onto the other parking space, by parking beyond the space provided to you. If you own a large automobile, park it in a corner or under a tree, where you wouldn't hinder others' movements.

Don't Drink and Drive

A sure shot way of reaching the eternal abode is to drink and drive. A deadly combination, drinking and driving is definitely out-of-bounds.

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If you are unable to resist drinks at a gathering, you should drink light, so that you manage to drive, or hand over the keys to someone who is pretty much stable. The safest bet at such times is to hire a cab; it will save you and others from danger.
Be a prudent driver, and be aware of your actions and your road sense. It just goes to say, have a fun drive being safe and making the road safe for others to have an enjoyable ride. That's all folks!