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14 Different Types of Trucks You Need to Know

Pratik Joshi
Pickup trucks are the only truck for households. They are very popular.
Pickup Truck
That’s long for a train, never mind a truck. The longest road train has ever been a truck pulling 112 trailers.
Australian Road Train
This is a single-decker enclosed or double-decker open car carrier with multiple spaces designed to hold cars for long transit.
Car Carrier Trailer
A cement truck is a truck that has a concrete mixer hooked up to it.
Cement Truck
Chiller Trucks are Refrigerator trucks with cooling equipment to keep food and supplies fresh during transport.
Chiller Trucks
Crane trucks are trucks that are fitted with a cable controlled crane.
Crane Trucks
This truck is built to carry the equipment needed to put out a fire at its source.
Fire Truck
A tow truck is recovery vehicle used to move a vehicle that is being impounded, wrongly parked, disabled, or indisposed in any other way.
Tow Truck
A flatbed truck is a completely flat level that has no sides or roof. It allows for the loading and unloading of goods.
Flat-bed Trailer
This truck is used to transport animals to and from farms.
Livestock Trucks
Logging truck is used to carry large amounts of timber between far off destinations.
Logging Trucks
A tanker is used to transport liquid material. This can be in the form of oil, gasoline, water, fertilizers and pesticides.
A tipper truck is used to transport loose material like sand.
Tipper Trucks
This truck has a cuboid or box-shaped cargo.
Box Truck