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Different Types of Cranes

Pratik Joshi
1.Mobile Cranes
This is a new type of crane evolved from the older pick and carry model.
Carry Deck Crane
Crawlers are tracked vehicles, without wheels, crawlers are built on an undercarriage fitted with a pair of rubber tracks.
Crawler Crane
Floating cranes are used for projects at sea, such as ports or oil rigs.
Floating Crane
This type of crane is used for pick and carry operations off-road and on rough terrains.
Rough Terrain Crane
Truck-mounted cranes are made up of truck and the arm. Due to their unique build, they’re able to travel easily on the road
Truck-mounted Crane
2.Fixed Cranes
This type of cranes is typically found in industrial environments.
Bridge/Overhead Crane
This type of crane is used to carry large volumes of heavy materials, like coal or minerals
Bulk-handling Crane
Hammerhead cranes are commonly used in construction projects. This crane has a horizontal, swiveling lever resting on a fixed tower.
Hammerhead Crane
Stacker cranes are primarily designed for warehouse storage and are automated machines with a forklift-like mechanism.
Stacker Crane
Telescopic cranes are equipped with arm outfitted with a hydraulic cylinder.
Telescopic Crane
Commonly used in the construction of tall buildings and having amazing lifting capabilities.
Tower Crane