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Decorative Car Floor Mats

Madhura Pandit
Using decorative floor mats can be a great option for customizing your car. There are different kinds of car mats available in the market.
Car floor mats are necessary to shield your car's interior from spoiling. As they are removable, they can be easily taken out from the car and cleaned.
Auto floor mats are made of leather, polyester and rubber. Rubber auto mats are commonly used as they are durable and the easiest to clean. Ordinary auto mats are meant to be used in all seasons. They are the most useful during the monsoons and winters, as they protect the car from mud, slush and dirt.

Decorative Floor Mats for your Car

If you wish to make your car look different and unique, changing the interiors is very important. Decorative car floor mats are used for this purpose. They are made from various material. But, leather and sheepskin are extensively used as they look rich and attractive.
They are available in a variety of colors, designs and patterns. Ranging from animal prints, flowers to abstract designs, pictures, etc, you can have any pattern on your auto mats. You can even have adventurous or sporty auto mats. Certain companies provide customized car mats.
You can be creative and have a distinct auto mat for your car. You can even have your name, monograms or a special message engraved on the auto mats. They are also available in colors that match with the car interior.

Car Carpets

Car carpets are used for the same purpose as the car floor mats. They help keep your car clean as well as warm. Custom car carpets are also available. Although they are available in a myriad of colors, it is recommended to use car carpets in the color similar to the car's interior. Car carpets are made of nylon, berber, etc.

Car Covers

A car definitely needs a cover, whether it is parked indoors or outdoors. Check for manufacturers that provide custom car covers. You can give preference to your material and color of choice. Covers are also available for seats and wind shields.
There are different types of covers available for every type of car and truck, and even open-topped jeeps. The material used should be waterproof and can even be storm-resistant.
Automotive floor mats are available from $15 to as much as you are willing to spend. Car mats and covers must perfectly fit to avoid any dirt entering the car. Hence, it is not advisable to buy car mats and covers, directly from the shop.
Even though decorative car floor mats are expensive as compared to the ordinary ones, they serve the same purpose and are long-lasting.
Personalized or custom car mats can be perfect gifts for a person who is an ardent car lover. You can monogram it and customize it according to the type of the car and its interiors. Car floor mats make car cleaning very easy. You can make a little investment in buying decorative and custom car mats to give that distinctive look to your car!