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Cool Car Accessories

Sujata Iyer
Use some cool car accessories to give your car a snazzy new look. Read about some, in this Story.
What do you do when you're bored with the way you look? Give yourself a makeover, right? So, what happens when you're bored with the way your car looks? Give it a makeover too, what else? But how to go about doing it? Wow! We seemed to be plagued with questions. Let's get some quick answers to them then. How to give your car a makeover? Pamper it with some cool accessories. A complete no-brainer, isn't it? Well, let's see which ones you can use to help your car look cooler or hotter than I'm sure it already is!

Gear Knob

If you find your gear handle a little too drab, you can browse online or go gear knob shopping. There are a variety of designs and patterns that car part dealers have, which can match your sense of style and taste.

Car Seats

If you're thinking of a theme that your car's interiors should have, then changing the seats will be a major and necessary step, if you ask me. It is after all, one of the biggest components of the interior of the car. The different colors, patterns, fabrics, and of course the cost of different covers will leave you confused, yet amazed!

Furry Dice

This seems to be the ultimate when it comes to car accessories. I'm sure you've already seen many cars sporting furry dices at their rear-view mirrors. I know it's 'cool' to be unique and all that, but truth be told, they do look cute. And that's reason enough to get one for your car, isn't it? You can experiment with the colors to get an edge over the others.


I'm sure this has happened to you at least more than once. It's nighttime, you've just reached home, but you simply can't find something that you're very sure you kept on the backseat of the car. Enter, a flashlight that you can recharge right in your car. Yes, there are universal rechargeable LED power flashlights that are easy to store and can help you in such situations. Plus, it always helps to have a flashlight at hand in case of an emergency, right?


Having fancy stickers for cars is one of the best options. And it's a great way to personalize your car. With stickers, you can choose from logos, a favorite sports team, cartoons, funny quotes, some creative graphics, etc.

License Plates

Another way to style the exterior of your car is to have fancy license plates. Staying within the limits of the license plate laws, get creative and do something fun to decorate yours. Have your name written, your favorite city, your favorite word, a design, or whatever you want! You can also get some stylish LED license plates that scroll.

Mud Flaps

I know what you're thinking. Mud flaps are a necessity, not an accessory! But how about you get a set of flamboyant mud flaps adorning the wheels? Just stick to the theme that you've decided for the rest of the accessories. And if there's no theme, at least match or contrast the color of the flaps with the color of your car.

Decoration Lights

You can also add to the 'bling' factor of your car by getting some super fancy decorative lights for it. You can have them underneath the car, or as your blinkers. Avoid using them for headlights as they may hamper the vision of oncoming drivers.
There are definitely many more cool car accessories that you can try out. For now, this is what we have. So go ahead and splurge on something to make your car look gorgeous!