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Clutch Cable Replacement

Amruta Deshpande
Have you just found out that your motorcycle's clutch cable has worn out? It's time to get it replaced. Gather information on how to go about the same in the following story.
Finding a broken clutch cable can be one of the most annoying problems faced by motorcyclists, especially when they are in a hurry to reach somewhere. This is a common problem with cars and motorcycles, and can get you in serious trouble at times. Imagine if you are in the middle of the road and none of the gears are working! You sure do not want to experience anything of that sort.
Clutch cables are bound to wear off over a period of time. They can even break without any former warning. However, you can avoid this by conducting a regular check-up of your vehicle.
Check if the cable is anchored well to the clutch lever. If it is stretched too much, it is at a higher risk of breaking. Clutch cable replacement can be a daunting task, however, if you have the appropriate tools and the basic technical knowledge, you can do it yourself.

How to Replace Clutch Cable

Things Required

  • Screwdriver set
  • Socket wrench
  • Combination wrench set
  • Socket set


Removing Old Clutch Cable

Step 1: Locate the adjustment nut. Loosen it with the help of a screwdriver. Remove the bolts that hold the cable in place.
Step 2: You will have to loosen the lock nut that is on the clutch lever cable adjuster too. Tighten it so that it is seated against the clutch lever perch.

Step 3: Align the grooves of the cable in the adjuster with the grooves of the clutch.
Step 4: Now, carefully remove the end barrel of the cable from the clutch lever. Try to pull out the cable through the grooves on the perch and the adjuster.
Step 5: You may need to remove the cover or plate that covers the clutch for easily accessing the motor end adjuster. Then, by twisting the adjuster clockwise, unscrew it completely from the clutch release.

Step 6: Pull the cable through the frame and handle bars carefully. Remove any bolts or brackets that have been used to secure the cable in place.
Installing New Clutch Cable

Step 1:
 Before installing the new cable, lubricate it well.

Step 2: Then, tighten the mid cable adjuster completely. Carefully insert the cable end barrel through it and screw the adjuster.
Step 3: The procedure for installing the new clutch cable is just the reverse of the one used for its removal. Route it through the clutch lever perch without missing any nut or bracket that was unscrewed while removing the old cable. Tighten all the nuts or mounting bolts to make sure that the cable is secured in its place.
Step 4: Slide the clutch cable through the adjuster grooves and tighten the cable adjuster. You will have to leave the lock nut loose.

Step 5: Now, loosen the mid cable adjuster to adjust the cable slack by turning it counterclockwise. Once it is set, tighten the lock nut.
Step 6: If you have removed the clutch plate or cover, reinstall it and check if the clutch is working fine.
If you are not very comfortable with the procedure, you can always get the job done by a qualified technician.