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Car Won't Start - FAQ

Rashida Khilawala
Cars can give you some trouble at the unlikeliest of times. This story answers a few queries that come to mind when your car refuses to start.
A very common fear experienced by many is that their car gives them trouble, causing the rest of the day being spent trying to fix it. The key here is to keep your cool if the car doesn't start, as there are several checks that you can perform to diagnose the gravity of the situation.
Question: Why won't my car start?
Answer: There could be several reasons for your car not starting. First question you need to ask yourself is, does it have enough fuel? Open the fuel tank and check. If this indeed is the case, stop attempting to start your car as doing so can cause air bubbles to form in the fuel tank, leading to further complications.
Question: Car refuses to start during winters.
Answer: In cold, misty weather, cars often have starting problem. At such times, the best that you can do is, make sure is gets good running. Keep it well oiled and fueled. It will start after a few tries. Nonetheless, if it doesn't do not stress the engine, take the car to a mechanic and get it checked. Some hot-wiring should do the trick.
Question: All is in place, but the starter doesn't crank.
Answer: All might seem in place, but actually, it isn't. If the starter doesn't crank, it means that there is a problem with the starter motor. Which means that your battery isn't charged or is faulty.
If your battery is also perfectly fine (so check your battery before you start), then the problem could lie in your ignition switch. Simply stated, the switch is dysfunctional and is not catalyzing the ignition. If you have a manual transmission car, there will be a switch at the clutch pedal. In this case, the car will start only if this switch is pressed.
Question: There is this click when I try to start the car, but no crank.
Answer: Mostly, the reason for the occurrence of this problem is a bad battery. If your battery is not charged, you will face this issue. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that your battery is fine, and you might still face this problem.
In such a case, the problem lies in starter solenoid, cables, or the starter motor. So, get them checked (only if you are absolutely positive about the functionality of your battery).
Question: There is a click, there is a crank. But the compression won't hold.
Answer: If your car has the click and crank, this means that there is no problem in your engine. It is working fine. At such times, the issue is related to the fuel line, fuel tank, clogged fuel screen, or a bad fuel pump relay.
Another possibility could be a problem with the defunct ignition coil, switch, commutator, rotor, or the distributor cap. There is also a slight possibility that there is a problem, like broken timing belt or gear and low compression.
Finally, ensure that you take good care of your car. Make sure there is always fuel above quarter capacity of the tank. Charge your battery every 2 months. Get an oil check done at regular intervals. Most important of all, get you car serviced every 2 - 3 months.