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Car Windshield Replacement

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
A car's windshield must be immediately replaced if it is cracked or damaged, as it is the most important protective part of the car. Here's some advice on buying and replacing a damaged windshield.
Car windshields are the first to get damaged during accidents or other mishaps. They are also a soft target during mob agitations and other anti-social activities. If you are staying in a particularly vindictive neighborhood, it would be a good idea to learn how to replace it.

Buying a Car Windshield

Car windshields are easily available at the local auto glass companies. Search the yellow pages to find the companies that deal in windshield replacement for cars. Dial a few companies and ask them for the quotes. You can also visit their websites and get the quotes instantly. Also, inquire about their service charges and other deductibles.
Select the company that suits you the best and fix an appointment with them. While setting an appointment, make sure you have all the requisite information at hand. Make sure that you have information on the make of the car, model year, license plate number, vehicle identification number, etc.
Fix an appropriate time with them, so that they can come to your home or office for replacement of the windshield. Most importantly, keep your vehicle available at that time.

Installation Procedure

In rare circumstances, you might have to replace the windshield yourself. However, if you are planning to replace it yourself, make sure you have someone to help you with the job.
Here are the instructions for replacing this car part.

  • Detach all the assembly around the windshield, like the mirrors, wipers, etc. Cover the heating vents with tape or paper.
  • Check the rubber gasket for damages. If it is cracked or damaged, you'll need to replace it. Insert a knife and slice it off the edge. If it is intact, carefully insert a stick and run it across the frame to separate the gasket from the glass.
  • Now, carefully push the glass from inside and gently separate it from the frame. Beware of the glass pieces.
  • Then, place the gasket around the new windshield with its thicker side on the inside of the glass. If you are going to use a new gasket, remove its sealant and allow it to heat in the sunlight.
  • Apply some petroleum jelly on the outer edge of the gasket, and place the glass slowly on the windshield frame. Wipe the petroleum jelly and clean the glass.


Though you can always send the bill to your insurance company, make sure that the windshield company covers all the expenses in the bill, so that you don't have to spend the money from your pocket.
Inquire with your auto glass company if the deductibles can be waived off. The cost of windshield replacement is likely to be somewhere in the region of around USD 200 to USD 400. The cost may vary depending upon the make of your car and the quote of the windshield company.
This is a job which takes a few hours and can be easily accomplished by making a single phone call to the auto glass company. However, if you are worried about the factory seal or the hefty cost of replacement, you can consider replacing the windshield yourself.
Though repair work is much cheaper, it is only feasible when the damage is minimal. In all the other cases, replacement becomes inevitable.