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Car Waxing Tips

Veena Aruldass
If you want to give your car a fresh and spectacular look, thus keeping it shiny and brand new, then what you need is some effective car waxing tips to make your job all that easier.
I am sure everyone has experienced the exhilarating feeling of buying something you've longed for, that too with your hard-earned money. The same holds true when you buy a car. A car is more than just a vehicle, it is an investment. Your car can look brand new for a very long time if you know the right methods of car maintenance. The car waxing tips in this article will help keep the external body of your car look new as ever!
Waxing your car serves a dual purpose. It not only lends a natural shine to your car but also protects its paint from harsh conditions like rain and heat. No matter how careful you try to be, it is impossible to keep your car completely away from minor scratches and chips. Car wax helps in reducing the visibility of these damages by forming a thin transparent layer over the paint.
Corrosion can also be prevented by car wax as it seals the paint and prevents water from having direct contact with the metal of the car. None of the wax products are permanent, thus the car needs to be waxed regularly for best possible results.
The best wax products will stay intact for a period of three months, and you can use them for optimum benefit. Car waxing plays a critical role, not only in maintenance of the car, but will also increase the resale value of the car. It can keep your used car looking outstanding!


  • Before you begin waxing, the surface of the car needs to be washed clean or the grit will get scrubbed into the surface causing it to scratch the paint.
  • Use a good quality applicator, like a microfiber sponge.
  • The method you use to apply the wax is also very important. For the hood, roof and the trunk, the most effective way of applying the wax is from front to back. Whereas, on the side panels, apply the wax using up-down motions.
  • Many have a doubt of how much wax needs to be applied. Well, a thin layer of wax gives the best result, besides the excess wax is going to be wiped out anyway. You can keep the applicator slightly moist at all times for best results. Keep a small bucket or a water hand spray handy.
  • Now that the wax has been applied, you need to carefully remove it. How long you leave the wax on the car depends on the manufacturer's instructions. Some recommend the wax be removed immediately while others say that it should be kept for drying at least for 15 minutes.
  • Remove the wax with a clean towel. Make sure you keep turning the towel and do not use the same side again to avoid any foreign particles from scrubbing against the car surface. In case the towel touches the ground or becomes dirty, use another towel. Also, it is better if you use several small towels. 
This is because there is a high possibility that large towels will touch the ground easily and carry the dirt and foreign particles like dust and tiny substances. Also, you have to keep folding the towel very often.
  • This said, the type of towel you use will also make a difference. 100% cotton or microfiber towels give good results. It has been observed that microfiber towels give a better shine as fiber aids in removing the wax better. But be cautious not to use a fabric softener for the microfiber. A cotton towel gives good results as well, and when washed after use, it does not hold on to any wax, unlike the microfiber towels.


Now that you know the basic techniques, here are some quick tips you can follow to keep your car shiny and radiant.
  • Always start with washing your car and drying it with a soft cloth. If the car remains wet, it won't give the required effect.
  • It is of extreme importance to choose the right kind of car wax. Some can be very effective, while others are rough. You can go for colored car wax, but choosing the right shade is very important.
  • Also, never polish or wax your car in direct sunlight. This causes the wax to dry off fast and makes it difficult to remove later.
  • It is best to keep the applicator damp for better results.
  • In case you are using a liquid car wax, then make sure to shake the bottle well before use.
  • Always keep a spare towel handy.
  • Do not touch the windows, glass surfaces or rubber trims while waxing. It might become difficult to remove the wax from these areas later.
  • Work in small sections and start removing the wax from where you started applying first.
  • If you use the same towels for waxing the car, make sure they are washed clean.
I am sure these tips will help your car look gleaming and attractive. So go for that stunning shine and give a new look to your car.