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Car Transportation Services

Aishwarya Nirmal
Earlier, people had to sell their cars while shifting places as they could not afford to ship it to the new destination. However, nowadays many car transportation services lighten your burden by doing the job for you.
Many will agree that a car is a comfy, fast, roomy, speedily available mode of personal transport. With the latest technologies incorporated, they have turned out to be a miniature home-on-wheels. Some are so passionate about their cars, that the thought of driving any other is a nightmare for them.

Transportation Process

While shifting from one city to another, it is not very difficult to transport the car. It can be either driven by road by the owner himself or he can hire a service for the same.
A transporter is a vehicle hired for automobile transportation. It is chosen according to the size and type of the car to be moved.
The different categories are, the single axle (for small cars), twin axle, tilt-bed (for commercial purposes), and enclosed variants for moving valuable or racing cars. It can be driven by the person hiring it or he can hire a professional driver for the same.
If more than a single vehicle is to be carried, the company uses huge carrier trucks with multilevel stands. Moving a single car is an expensive option. If many are moved together, the cost is relatively low.
Another option is using the freight train, in which the vehicles are placed in big containers. This option is inexpensive as compared to the others, however, this service is not very flexible, as trains can travel only up to a specific place.
For further transport, other options like trucks, ships, or planes have to be used.
If the automobile has to be moved overseas, it can be done by waterways or airways. Cargo ships and airplanes carry such heavy loads over the sea.
If the vehicle has to be delivered in a short span of time, airplane is a better option. However, when it comes to the financial aspect, shipping is cost-effective as compared to the airways.


There are certain precautions to be taken before handing over your car to the transportation company:
  • Before signing the legal papers, read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Check the clause that specifies the compensation that will be offered, in case of any kind of damage to the automobile.
  • Photograph your car from all sides before handing it over to the company. Make sure the photographs are dated. This may serve as a proof in case of any legal complications.
  • Check for any hidden costs involved in delivering the car to your doorstep.
  • Do not rely on verbal commitments.
  • If shifting to another country, check if your vehicle fits the local vehicle norms. If not, inquire about the procedure to get your vehicle permitted.
  • Inquire about the duty taxes, port charges, storage charges, delivery charges, etc.
Automobile transportation companies have proved to be a boon for us in many ways. It has given many a choice for moving their favorite car to any place in the world, irrespective of how far the destination is.