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Types of Car Top Luggage Carriers

Shashank Nakate
One can choose from the many different types of car top luggage carriers available in the market, whether it is luggage boxes, bags, or any other type. The one that best suits the needs of the car owner should be chosen.
Luggage carriers form an important component of a car for tours and long journeys. Many times, the available or free space in a car is not enough to accommodate all the items.
Besides the space problem, stuffing a lot of them into the car may spoil or damage its interiors. The carriers can, therefore, prove to be of help to fit in the remaining luggage. Let us understand about their different types that will, in turn, help you to choose the right one at your convenience.

Regular Carriers

These devices are used to pack extra luggage that does not fit in the car. They help save space and make the journey much more comfortable. While choosing one, make sure that you take into account various factors such as the space needed, budget, and the type of the carrier that is suitable for the car.

Carrier Bags

These are easy to install and are typically made from nylon or polyester. The polyester carriers are durable and stronger than the nylon ones. Polyester is resistant to UV rays while nylon wears out if exposed to sun's rays for a long time. The bags should be packed to their full capacity so that the contained material doesn't flap.


These have a sturdy structure and enable us in lifting the gear off the vehicle rooftop. They provide a rigid base along with sidewalls. In fact, this makes the strapping of bags and nets much easier. A basket along with a bag should be used in a pair.

Back Carrier

It is a huge luggage bag that can be hooked on the back of a car. It is typically hanged in such a manner that the rear view is not blocked. It doesn't suffer much aerodynamic drag due to the position where it is installed. The installation of such carriers is much easier than the other types.

Cargo Carriers

The rooftop luggage boxes need a sports bar or crossbars for installation. These devices are expensive, and one should first decide whether he wants to permanently fix them onto the car top or not.
In order to keep the roof rack or box in place and prevent it from rattling, either the gear needs to be held in place or the box is to be filled to its capacity.
The box should not extend over the front of the windshield. This prevents it from catching updraft. Cargo net, cargo box mat, and cargo light are the accessories that come under this category. The cargo box mat prevents the carrier from sliding down, while the cargo net, which is made from a bungee cord, locks it down.
Some of the cars' top bags have a clip, which could be attached to the ledges present on the sides of the car. Few other types of bags offer straps that can be tied by circling them from inside of the car over the top, i.e., the carrier.
Some cars have receivers attached to rear side. These are 1ΒΌ-inch or 2-inch steel squares used to mount cargo boxes, platforms, ski racks, and bike racks. The boxes with swing-out features should be used in such cases. The luggage should be packed using medium-size bags and duffel bags. This helps to make optimum use of the space.

Thule Carriers

These are engineered to provide maximum cargo space, and their structure is such that the aerodynamic drag they suffer is the minimum. They are easy to use due to the quick snap hardware and dual side opening.
All in all, the luggage carriers do enable a traveler to pack maximum amount of cargo in the minimum space available. They thus make for a useful item during long journeys.