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Car Soundproofing

Stephen Rampur
Car soundproofing kits are really effective in reducing miscellaneous noises you happen to hear while driving. Here is some information on auto soundproofing material.
If you are driving home from work and the drive is quite long, you would normally expect the ride to be silent and peaceful. However, many a time it happens that despite closing the windows, you can still hear outside noises in the car.
Noises can be from the engine, and from car part vibrations such as the trunk or hood, doors, panels, etc., and even outside traffic. In order to get rid of this problem, the best method probably is to think about soundproofing. Before moving on to soundproofing products for cars, let us have a look at what auto soundproofing actually is.

What is Car Soundproofing?

Vehicle soundproofing is the task of using certain products to reduce outside noise that can be heard inside of the car. Many believe that by using soundproofing, outside noise can only be reduced and not eliminated completely.
Automobile soundproofing can certainly contribute to a peaceful ride. It can even help in improving the sound quality of the audio system and speakers. Soundproofing products do the job of absorbing irritating sounds coming from outside the car, thus making the interior silent. The materials for damping sounds include soundproofing sprays, foams, mats, etc.

Car Soundproofing Products

Mats are largely used for the purpose of soundproofing in cars and trucks. They are made using either Styrene-Butadiene or asphaltic sheets. Soundproofing mats are installed in cars for reducing vibrations, resulting in low or no noise from parts. They are mainly used over panels, and soak up vibrations, after which the vibrations are turned into heat.
Some of the best mats available in car accessories stores are Dynamat and Road Kill.
Nowadays, soundproofing sprays are also being considered for reducing the amount of sound in cars. Generally, in order to use these sprays, you would require a paint gun as well. They are sprayed on areas where mats cannot be installed. Door panels are the most common places where these sprays are used.
Foam sheets are other good choices in soundproofing products. These sheets are used much the same way as mats. Nevertheless, they are put on panels for the purpose of decreasing and absorbing vibrations, instead of turning vibrations into heat like mats do. These foam sheets absorb vibrations and distribute the pressure throughout.
There are even foam sprays available at car parts stores. These at most effective in reducing sounds coming from vibrations of panels. The soundproofing foam spray is sprayed in between two panels, after which it dries out, producing a foam which fills in the panel crevices.
One of the most popular soundproofing foam sprays is Styrofoam. Note that the fumes coming out from Styrofoam spray are believed to be harmful to a person's health.
Another soundproofing method is micro jute, which is a thin sheet of fiber that soaks in sound. However, many car owners think that this is not much effective than other methods mentioned. A good thing about micro jute sheets is that they add contribute to the luxuriance of interior. These sheets are easily available at any carpet supply shops.
These are the best soundproofing products that you can buy, for getting rid of outside sound. It is a good idea to employ two or more of these methods in order to have an acceptable amount of soundproofing in the automobile. You can even buy soundproofing kits which include mats meant for the purpose.