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How to Repair a Car's Power Windows

Narayani Karthik
Power windows in a car facilitate an automated mechanism of closing and opening the windows. Know how to identify and fix faults in them.
Power windows in a car are automated to roll up and down on the click of a button. But, there are times when you press the button and find that the respective task is not happening. There are many reasons for this malfunctioning.
A switch with debris accumulated around it can possibly disrupt the window from opening and closing. Fuse boxes, that are located below the dashboard (on the left of steering), could have gone faulty. One can easily identify this by checking for a broken metal strip in the fuse box.
If both the switch and the fuse box are working fine, and still the car windows fail to respond to the switch, there might be a problem with the wiring connected to the fuse box. Loose connections in the circuit are tangible reasons for many electrical circuit failures.
Other major reasons could be faulty regulators or malfunctioning electrical motor located right behind the door panel.
  • First, remove the door panel for the window in repair, to locate the window regulator and the motor.
  • Locate and remove the bolts that are holding the regulator of the window.
  • Disconnect the wiring and replace it with the new regulator (if the faulty condition was due to regulator).
  • If there is no fault with the window regulator, check for loose connections in the wiring.
  • If they are fine, then there is a possibility of the electrical motor being at fault.
  • Test the functionality of window motor with the help of a multimeter.
  • If your multimeter is showing infinite resistance and zero current, it indicates that the motor has gone bad and needs to be replaced.
  • So once you are done with the diagnosis of the problems, replace the regulator/ motor/ fuse/ wiring (whatever was found faulty). Tighten the bolts and reinstall the moisture barrier.
  • Fix back the door panel and now engage the power window switch. Your car's window should work just fine.
*Please note: The procedure should be tried under the guidance of an experienced mechanic or with the help of a car repair manual.

Cost of Repairing the Power Window

Cost is always a bottleneck when it comes to any materialistic repair. But it depends on the gravity of the technical fault, too. It could be a blown out fuse, or a faulty regulator, or a non functional window electrical motor. If your motor and regulator are both not working, go for immediate replacement.
Cost of repairing the power window can be anywhere between $100 and $500, depending on the car model. Labor charges are around $100-$450. Keep an estimate of $1000 for a repair of both motor and the regulators.
If you encounter a problem with the car's power window, you can first try diagnosing the problem yourself, thus saving around $200 . At times, there is just some dirt accumulated about the switch which hinders the functioning of the window. So it is better to first check for any fault that lies within your understanding, before you approach a mechanic.