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Car Paint Jobs

Stephen Rampur
If you are thinking about some cool paint jobs for cars, you need to consider some very important things. Know about car paint jobs and prices.
Nowadays, there are many types of car paint jobs that can be seen on vehicles on road. If you are searching for quality, but cheap paint jobs, you first need to take some very important considerations in mind. The first one is whether you want to use the car as a one-of-a-kind car on the street, office or home use, racing, or just for any other purpose.
Car painting can be done as DIY projects if you are familiar with car painting instructions and techniques, or can be carried out at a professional car painting center. Remember that if you consider it as a DIY project, you can save a significant amount of labor costs which are otherwise to be given to auto paint professionals.

Car Paint Jobs

You need to consider the general use of the automobile, its interiors, whether it is a used one, and similar other aspects. This will help you decide on the most appropriate car paint colors. If you want the car to look smooth and clean, you can choose conventional plain colors such as black, white, maroon, silver, or bottle green. 
In case you want to make the car look a bit sporty and vibrant; you can go in for choices like blazing red, sports yellow, bright blue, fluorescent green, orange, and other colors. Remember that black and white colors also seem good on sports cars, especially if there are accents and stripes of the same colors.

Custom Car Paint Jobs

Nowadays, custom paint jobs are largely done on muscle cars, sports cars, and even small fancy cars. Custom car paints and themes generally make the car look unique, and funky. You can add faces on the exterior, flames for giving a flashy appearance, a gold or silver plating look to make the vehicle look rich, or similar other designs. 
You can even choose your own paint color, or get the car painted in a way as if it is not painted at all. Today, cars with fluorescent and camouflage colors are running hot on the streets, due to the attention they attract. There are even mirror-finish colors available in stores.

Cost of Car Paint Jobs

There are several determinants of the car paint job cost; with the most prominent one being the type, quality, and number of colors. Another primary determinant is if the car is customized and highly themed or has conventional paint colors.
The range of the cost to paint a car is very broad and may start from just a $100 to even as high as $5000. How much surface is to be painted also makes a difference in the overall cost of the project. If you want to get your SUV painted, you will have to pay more as compared to what you will have to spend for a paint job on a small hatchback.
The number of paint layers on the exterior is also a reason for the difference in paint job costs. Labor charges may range from $500 to $2,000; depending on the facility and location of work. Those thinking about highly graphical and artistic custom car painting jobs, need to consider a price range of $2,000 to $8,000 for the project.
It is suggested to discuss in detail with the professional regarding all the mentioned aspects and costs involved.