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Car Paint Colors

Mamta Mule
Choosing car paint colors and picking one to repaint your car is not an easy job. Here are some 'must read' tips that will help you choose the right option.
If your car has become dull and looks old enough, then you must plan to renovate it. What comes to your mind when you think of renovating? Paint it anew? Well, that's definitely the ultimate way to give your automobile a brand new look apart from working on its mechanical part. That faded color is the basic reason behind the boring look of your car.
Painting it will instantly spice up its appearance. So which car paint color do you choose? Using the same old shade is not at all a great idea. When you are spending so much, why not go for something that will give it a truly fresh look. So, no matter how dear that initial shade was, it's time to experiment and splash a different shade.

What Doesn't Matter?

Choosing one shade from the numerous available ones is a tough task. But, choosing the color is much more than a personal choice. That must be considered, but only after considering the type of your automobile and the purpose you will be using it for.

What Matters?

Basically, a car used by a businessman definitely should not be painted in funky shades, right? And if a car used by a college goer is painted in beige with a matte finish, it is surely going to get those 'oh so boring!' comments.
Another thing to consider is the make. For instance, a shade that looks great on a BMW will not necessarily look good on a Rolls Royce. The structure of your car is another factor that you need to consider. Colors chosen for a sleek body and a rugged one will definitely be different.

Right Color for the Car

A business car is best painted in soft colors. Neutrals like white, beige, and gray are best for such premium automobile.
For a muscle or classic car, you can choose something loud, such as orange. Blacks and olive green are a hit for those rugged cars.
With stylish cars, hot reds or trendy purples work the best.
If you have a bulky one, you can try out the yellows and darker shades of red.
Painting a sports car needs no mention about which colors to choose, right? The basic ones that you can think of are black, gray, silver, beige, red, and blue. The softer shades are classic picks for an elegant look, and the bright hot shades are ultimate picks.
Well, the palette is huge and you can choose more than one for a customized paint job to make your car a unique one.
If you are wondering how to paint a car, then you have two options. Either do it yourself with the painting guide or take it to the professionals.
You can get to know more about the types of paint, colors and prices by hitting the nearest auto store. But make sure you do not rely on the chip book or paint samples, as the original colors look much different from these. You can simply carry a sample at home and find out whether the chosen shade is the right pick after painting a part of your car with it.
So, get ready to browse through auto magazines and checkout car images online to find out which color suits your car the best. Have fun accelerating your brand new automobile.