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Car Maintenance Schedule

Omkar Phatak
Here are some tips on creating your own car maintenance schedule. Also, know more about how to organize your car's maintenance jobs.
Designing your own car maintenance schedule and executing things accordingly, will ensure a long service life for your car and save money normally spent on car repairs.
Every machine needs regular maintenance and a car being one of the most complex machines that you will ever handle, you need to have a systematic maintenance schedule. Not only will you have lesser car problems to tackle, your car will return the favor and you will have the joy of driving a car which runs absolutely smoothly!

How to Design a Schedule?

Every car model's performance depends on how well its maintained. Two factors that constantly bring down and affect the performance of your car are heat and friction. A car maintenance schedule is a combat plan against these two factors and is designed to keep heat and friction at bay.
It includes maintenance jobs that are required by all the vital car parts which affect its overall performance. Every car model is different and therefore its maintenance schedule will also be different. Taking the instructions from the car maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer into consideration is important.
Each subsystem of the car which includes the engine assembly, electrical assembly, transmission assembly, lubrication and cooling assembly requires periodic attention. Various parts that wear out over time need to be replaced periodically. Your schedule needs to be designed taking all these factors into consideration.
Make a list of all the maintenance instructions provided in the car's manual. Also take hints from the things that your car mechanic asks you to do as part of maintenance. Maintain a car maintenance log book in which you can note down things will be helpful.

Laying Out a Schedule

Make a schedule spreadsheet which will have a list of all the car parts that need maintenance. The replacement or servicing of most car parts is scheduled in the car manual in terms of car's running miles.
So make columns against the car parts list with periodical intervals in terms of the car miles run and make a check sign at points where that a particular part needs servicing. Print it out and keep a copy of it in the car and stick one on the garage wall.
With a glance at the current record of number of miles run on the odometer, and your schedule spreadsheet, you can easily get an idea about what is the next car maintenance job on the cards. Planning a maintenance schedule for your car like this will help you in managing the car repair budget and ensuring that funds are allocated accordingly.


After that brief overview of things that need to be remembered while designing your schedule, here is a checklist of maintenance jobs that will have to be included therein:
  • Air filter check and replacement
  • Car battery servicing and maintenance
  • Coolant check and replacement
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Fuel filter check and replacement
  • Rear differential maintenance
  • Engine oil check up
  • Spark plug check up and replacement
  • Power steering fluid inspection and replacement
  • Tire inspection and alignment
  • Timing belt inspection
  • Alternator inspection
  • Wiper blades replacement
  • Engine check up and servicing
  • Car AC system servicing
These were some of the major and minor maintenance chores that need to be undertaken periodically. Either you see to it that things go according to schedule or hire a good mechanic who takes care of these thing for you! Either way, it is you who stand to gain from the whole business.
A regular and consistent follow-up of the schedule will make your life simpler and bring down your car repair bills drastically. So, schedule time for creating your maintenance schedule, as soon as possible!