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Car Interior Design Ideas

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Car interior, being the pride of every car owner often depicts his/her personal taste. Here are some design ideas for custom car decoration.
We spend a considerable amount of our time in cars. With the ever expanding cities, the distance between our homes and workplace is also increasing substantially. Obviously, many of us end up spending more time in our vehicle rather than in our homes. As a result, their owners take as much pains to decorate them, if not more.
While aesthetics and utility are the factors that play major role in home decoration, the interior design of the car often revolves around safety and comfort of the occupants.

Some Ideas

Seats and Seat Covers

The type of seats determine the level of comfort experienced while driving. While soft and flabby seats indeed seem nice to sit on, they can become extremely uncomfortable for long journeys. This is because they are known to give back problems to the occupants. Hence, the seats should be hard enough to give the required amount of support to the back.
Buying seat covers is also important as they are responsible for the look of the interiors. They are available in myriad materials such as leather, vinyl, or cloth. Leather and vinyl look elegant.
However, they can be a problem in hot and humid weather as they may cause excessive sweating. Also, they cannot withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. Leather seat covers are also susceptible to mold and mildew in rainy season, if proper care is not taken.
On the other hand, cloth or fabric seat covers offer maximum comfort and can withstand all sorts of weather. Their only problem is that they are a bit difficult to clean.

Floor Mats

This is another important aspect of the design. You may go for simple rubber mats or highly expensive decorative carpets. However, one must put the safety of the occupants before anything.
The mats should not be so thick that the accelerator and brake pedals get stuck in it. This can lead to extreme discomfort to the driver and accidents in worse case.
Another thing that needs to be taken into account is that the floor mats tend to attract a lot of dirt, and hence, the material of the floor mats should be such that it can be easily cleaned. Simple rubber mats are not only easy to clean, but they are also very easy to install.


Apart from the CD/DVD player, you can also install TV screens for additional entertainment. It can be installed anywhere depending upon the choice of the occupants.
You can install it on the headrest of the front seats for the passengers in the rear seat to watch or in the ceiling as drop-down screens. This way, all the occupants in the car will be able to watch it.

Dashboard Decoration

If you are permitted to decide the placement of controls on the dashboard, then you can design the layout as per your choice. Again, safety is of utmost importance in this case.
While decorating the dashboard, make sure that your decoration does not hinder the driver's ability to operate the controls. Placing beanie babies or bobble head dolls can help you decorate your dashboard without occupying too much of space.

Steering Wheel

It can be covered in a chic-leather cover, soft fabric, or even an inexpensive rubber one. Care should be taken that the material of the steering wheel allows a proper grip.
Fabric steering wheel covers come in an array of colors, designs, and patterns. Leather covers can be matched with the color of the seat covers while rubber covers provide an excellent grip.
You may follow a uniform color scheme throughout the interiors for a sophisticated look. Alternatively, you may also play with colors to display your personal style and taste.