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Car Engine Problems

Debopriya Bose
The engine is the most integral part of any car. Familiarizing yourself with various problems of your car engine, will enable you to be better prepared to handle any such problem.
Engine is the heart of your car. It mixes fuel and air, compresses them, and ignites the mixture to create a force that is used to move the car.
The main part of an engine is the cylinder, in which fuel and air are supplied. The pistons in the cylinders move up, and compress the fuel and air mixture. As the mixture is compressed, the spark plugs ignite it. The combustion forces the pistons down, that drives a crankshaft, attached to the car axle.


There can be a number of reasons, why a car engine may not function properly. Here are some of the common problems that may occur in your car engine.

Bad Fuel Mix

This problem may arise due to the presence of certain impurities in the fuel, or because the fuel system is not providing correct amount of fuel to the fuel mix. A bad fuel mix could also occur when the intake of air is improper, which may lead to more air in the fuel mix than the fuel.

Lack of Compression

It is important to compress the air and fuel properly, so that the mixture can be ignited. Faulty compression could occur, if there is a hole or leak in the cylinder.
It may also occur if the piston rings have worn out, due to which air or fuel leaks out of the piston when the mixture is being compressed. Failure of the intake and exhaust valves to seal properly, may also result in leakage of air or fuel.

Lack of Spark

The spark is important to ignite the air-fuel mixture. If the spark plug or the wire leading to it has worn out or torn, then a spark cannot be caused. Apart from this, for the air-fuel mixture to be ignited, the spark has to occur at the right time, if the spark occurs too early or too late in the ignition cycle, the fuel would not burn.

Overheating of the Car

The cooling system prevents the engine from overheating, as too much heating reduces the efficiency of the engine. A faulty cooling system, due to a leakage in the cooling system, poor performance of the fan, or worn out fan belts, may also cause your car to stop functioning properly.

Changes in the Oil Type or Oil Grade

The oil grade and oil type used for a car, should be as per company recommendations. A car engine may react, showing some problem, if oil of proper grade and type is not used. Moisture or dirt in the oil may also hamper performance of the engine.


The major causes of engine problems, are worn out or clogged car parts. Worn out parts may cause overheating of the engine, engine surging, etc. For example, damaged seals and valves cause excess fuel consumption.
Hence, it is advisable that the engine should be checked regularly for worn out or damaged parts. If any such part is found, then it should either be repaired or replaced.
One should also be careful that all the parts are clean and unclogged. For example, if the oil filters are not clean, then it may hamper the flow of engine oil that will in turn reduce its efficiency.
It is always advisable to read the manual and follow the recommendations before repairing or replacing any part of a car engine. One must always remember, that adding any part to a engine that is incompatible with the type and make of the engine may damage the car engine.