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Car Battery Trickle Charger

Fatima Rangwala
Have you stored your vehicle for an extended period, due to which the battery of the vehicle has lost its power? Then you definitely need to install a car battery trickle charger which simply happens to be the perfect solution to keep the car's battery 24x7 charged. Read on to know more...
The simple function of a lead-acid battery present in a vehicle is to supply a high current when put to use and get recharged by the alternator of the car during the operation.
Batteries need to stay active and functional all the time, so when they are not in use, it's obvious the power within them slowly fades away. Well, if there is a trickle charger installed in the vehicle, your car will never face the state of a dead battery.

What is a Car Battery Trickle Charger?

It is an instrument that gains energy from a particular source like electric source and transmits that same energy to a secondary rechargeable car battery in order to energize it over and over again.
This device is an ordinary charger which charges the car's battery at a slow pace. Therefore, you can say that a car's battery gets a slow and steady energy from the trickle charger. 
Moreover, if you wonder about the damage issues the car's battery could face, let me tell you, there would be none! There is a minimum risk to the conditions of the original battery plus no likelihood at all regarding electric short circuit in the system.
It is a charger which is specifically expended to charge small capacity batteries of 12 volt batteries value and is used in applications like boats, cars and RVs. It is the most friendliest and economic way to act towards the environmental conditions.
What is more is by using a trickle charger one can constantly continue to charge the car's battery without discharging it even once. This way the battery remains fully charged until its next use. Another biggest advantage of using this instrument is, whenever the battery is not in use, this device prevents the battery to develop sulfide on the lead plates. This gives battery a long life.
However, there are two notable disadvantages of using trickle charger. Since the circuit is absent in this device, there are issues of overcharging. The device cannot distinguish whether the car's battery is fully charged or needs more charging.
And the second disadvantage is since this device is designed to 100% top the battery's capacity, sometimes prolonged charging can hamper the battery's working condition severely. What one can do is occasionally connect and disconnect the trickle charger to prevent any kind of damage to the batteries or the lead plates.
Many times, we hear about solar powered gadgets like solar torches, or solar watches, solar cells, etc. these gadgets work on solar powered batteries or you can say solar powered trickle chargers. Well, in case of cars, a solar-powered trickle charger is installed on a dashboard which helps to top the battery with the help of sunlight.

Trickle Charger Reviews

Take a look at some of these highly employed car battery charger reviews available on the market which can generously help you solve your car's dead battery issues.
  • Deltran SuperSmart Battery Tender Plus: This charger has a 12-volt 1.25 amp value and the best part of it is, it can safely remain hooked to the battery for a long time period. The reason behind it being, it has an on board microprocessor who plays a role to automatically switch to float mode after the battery is fully charged.
So even the LED light switches from red to green after it's fully charged. It is easy to store, is lightweight, has alligator clips and has a car battery tester as well. It costs around $67.00.
  • Silverline Trickle Charger: This Silverline has a model number 634004 which happens to be a 12 volt charger again. Its prime use is to charge car batteries who have 12 volt automotive battery fitted in the vehicle's system. Having a 500mA constant output charger, this device is installed with a 1.6 meter long cable and a few alligator clips. It costs around £4.00.
  • Solar Powered Battery Trickle Charger: This is a 12V 1.5W trickle charger which is typically designed to trickle charge lead-acid batteries of 12V and still bears no add-on cost. It's absolutely ideal for applications like boats, cars, Rvs, caravans, etc.
This solar powered battery charger also has interchangeable connectors and a built-in diode which certainly helps to prevent a reverse charging from the car's battery to the solar panel during the night mode. It costs around £9.00.
So after reading this write up, I hope before you have any battery problems in your car, you purchase this device called trickle charger and avoid your vehicle(s) to sit ideal!