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Brake Line Replacement

Rahul Thadani
The brake line carries the braking fluid to the wheels and is an important part of the entire braking mechanism. Overuse and wear and tear due to aging can affect its functioning. Carrying out its replacement is a relatively easy task, but not one that should be delayed.
The brakes of a car are absolutely crucial, as these help the vehicle slow down or stop at any time. Sometimes though, replacement of the brake line is necessary, in order to achieve a smooth stopping motion.
There is a mechanism set in place that enables a car to stop at will, and over a period of continuous use this mechanism wears out. This can be a major hazard to the safety of the driver and other vehicles on the road.
The braking fluid in a vehicle enables the wheels to stop in motion, and it is the brake line that transports this fluid from the fluid chamber to the wheels. You can easily tell when your brake mechanism is not functioning properly, as you will have to apply more force than usual to stop the vehicle.
A screeching noise while braking also usually indicates that some aspect of the mechanism is in need of repair or replacement.

Replacement Procedure

To carry out this procedure on your own, you need some elemental knowledge about the workings of your automobile and its various parts. If you have never seen or worked with the braking mechanism before, it's probably better to visit a mechanic for the first time.
Get some tips and instructions from him, before you attempt to carry out any repair work on your own. Assuming that you have some knowledge of the car parts mentioned, here are some of the tools you will require to carry out the replacement.

  • A new set of brake lines.
  • Brake fluid.
  • Open end wrenches.
  • Some old rags.
Follow these instructions to replace your brake lines, so that you can achieve smooth functioning of the mechanism once again.

  • Locate which wheel's brake line needs replacing, and put that wheel up on a jack stand. Do not attempt this procedure without doing so.
  • Now you need to loosen the brake line. It will be attached with 2 metal fittings that can be loosened using wrenches. Hold a wrench on each side of the metal fitting and loosen it up.
  • The fluid may start leaking out now, so wipe it off with a rag. Better still, let it leak on to the rag.
  • Simply remove the old line now and place the new one in exactly the same position as before. This is easier said than done, and that is why it requires some prior experience or some expert supervision while you do it.
  • Tighten it up in the same position that you had loosened up the old one.
  • Now simply add more fluid to the brake fluid box.
  • It is advisable that you change both sets of lines together. That means, if you are replacing the front right one, it is better to replace the left one as well. These usually wear out in pairs.
This is a relatively easy task, which easily ensures car safety, but not one that can be taken lightly. After all, the safety of the person driving the vehicle is the concern here, and so is the safety of the other drivers and vehicles on the road.

Replacement Cost

Brake line replacement cost can be anything between USD 150 and USD 200, depending on the model of the car, the make, the extent of the damage, any related damage to neighboring parts, and the size of the repair shop. The mechanic can charge you an extra USD 100 - USD 150 as labor charges. Visit a reasonably big shop with a good reputation for best results.
This job is something in which you must invest as early as possible as there are a lot of dangers of driving with a faulty brake line. There are many components involved in the braking mechanism of a vehicle, and this one is probably one of the easiest to repair or replace.