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Boat Carpet Replacement

Shrinivas Kanade
Foot traffic in most used sections of your boat, harsh sunlight and exposure to salty water can damage the carpet in your boat. The task of replacing a boat carpet can be performed without any professional aid. This write-up provides simple instructions on buying a carpet and installing one.
Every boat owner at some point of time or another has to get the boat's carpet changed. If you are about to do so, then following these tips will make the task of replacement simpler.

Color of Carpets

The color of the carpet can be a decisive factor, when it comes to the appearance of your boat. You can opt for a light color or a dark color.
A light-colored carpet will impart a sober look and help maintain the cool on a sunny day. Stains are not noticeable on fabrics that are dark-colored, which helps retain a cleaner look for a long period of time. For a rich look, you could opt for satins.

Measurements for Calculating Cost

A variety of boat carpets are available in the market and are sold in pieces that are 6, 7.5 and 12 feet wide. The length is measured in 'units', where one unit is equal to three feet. If you place an order for 3 units, you will have a piece that is 9 feet in length and the width mentioned while ordering it.
For a boat measuring 20 feet in length, approximately 25 feet (length) of the fabric is necessary, and for a bigger vessel, the needed length in quantity would be the sum of the length and an additional 5 feet.
The additional length gives the customer enough room for adjustments to be made, in case he decides to extend the area. It also saves the trouble of ordering extra units which may be required. The dimensions change from the bow to the stern.
Like the length, it is necessary to adjust the width accordingly. It needs to be laid on the companionway, which again is of a different width measurement than the one laid on the open deck or in the saloon. The cost is calculated per square foot or square yard using the following formula:

Cost of carpet = length x width x price per square foot
If one is left with any extra pieces after the job, then he/she may use the additional material for other useful purposes. The extra units can be used for bulkheads, lid-covers, or lid cut-outs that can further enhance the look of the boat.

Which Carpets to Buy

Marine carpets are made using artificial fibers such as nylon for extra durability. These can withstand the tough marine environment and conditions without fading. These usually last for 3 to 5 years, but if properly used and cared for, these can last up to 10 years. These carpets are produced using nylon fibers that are solution dyed.
These fibers are enhanced with UV stabilizers, which protect the carpet from harsh sun, corrosive salts, and moisture, and prevents them from fading. These fibers are preferred as these can resist stains, mold, and mildew. If the carpets are laid in a haphazard manner, it may affect the look of the boat.
Stain removal is a tedious job and requires some effort, hence one should opt for fabrics that not only hide stains, but also make stain removal easier. If the worn out carpets are removable, it makes the task of replacing them much easier.
However, if they are glued to the floorboards, then they will have to be torn out in order to glue in the new one. The tearing out will be an added expense.
Though the task of replacing the carpet has become quite simpler due to the availability of softer yet durable fabrics these days, you can save the extra expense and time by laying the new carpets on the top of the old one.