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Best Way to Dry a Car After Washing

Matt Thompson
Drying a car after washing is one of the crucial steps most amateurs overlook. Consequently, in the aftermath, it comes to bite them in the back. Obvious reasons behind properly drying a car have to do with the fact that water particles absorb dust and natural drying causes the dust to stick to the car and causes unnecessary troubles.

So, What’s the Best Method

Most experts will have the same answer. Just rinse the water off. However, be wary of what you use for drying. Using towels is risky due to their structural nature which in most cases, consists of polyester to some degree, and polyester easily inflicts damage and scratches to your car paint.
Drying a car with a suitable material is something you should not overlook. Some towels have the proclivity of harming your car in more than a single way and others will ruin your pant and put extra dust particles in the exterior of your car.

The Suggested Medium

Use a microfiber towel. This is the best kind of towel due to its diameter of fibers which are very small. Microfiber’s diameter is 1/20 the diameter of a strand of silk and 1/100 the diameter of a human hair. It’s the preferred method to dry your car and absorbs water 7 times its own weight.
Microfiber towels are actually the best way to go about drying your car as it’s structured such that it cannot harm your car’s paint. Using an air dryer is bad because it has the same problem as letting the water dry out naturally. And using a water blade has its own issues. Water blades can catch dust molecules and scratch the car for good.
After you have washed your car, use a microfiber towel to dry your car. Avoid using circular motions as they have a tendency to be harmful in general when it comes to car washing and drying. Make sure to wash the car when it’s not turned on or hot. If you want to detail your car use a clay bar or a clay towel or a mitt.

Things to Look Out for

Never wash your car in direct sunlight. Sunlight will make the water dry off quickly and you will lose the chance of drying the car using a towel. It won’t completely dry the car but will dry some part of it and you will have to rewash your car to avoid watermarks.
I have had several experiences and the mistakes have taught me exactly what to do and what not to. When it comes to washing a car yourself, the process might look easy but things can go wrong fast and effects are noticed when it’s already too late.
Follow the guidelines and look for the mentioned mistakes. Use correct tools while washing your car and don’t try to cheap out on important ones. There are many brands in the market and too many options to choose from and might be confusing time to time. Be wise of what you should spend your money on.
These are Car Drying Towels that I have had a good experience with. If you want to spare yourself research time then, by all means, go ahead and get your hand on one of these as they are really good at what they are meant for.