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Best Sport Sedans for 2019

Get the scoop on this year's best crystal cruisers.
Paisley Hansen

Sport Sedans

When a person is looking for a sports sedan, some great models were released for 2019. These are some cool looking cars out there which are some of the best new sedans in the market for 2019.

Honda Civic

This newest model has a refreshed look and new upgrades. There are additional safety features and the rear view camera comes standard in this car. There are blind-spot monitors and cross-traffic alerts. The engine is 4 cylinder and can get up to 42 miles to the gallon on open road.

Toyota Avalon

This car has a new design and an Entune 3.0 information system that works with Apple CarPlay. There is a touchscreen for ApplePlay. Besides new technology, this car is a 4 cylinder hybrid with an option for V6 engine. There is an 8-speed automatic transmission, having improved fuel economy.

Audi RS 3

This is a powerful sedan and has a sportier look than previous models. There is a turbocharged 5 cylinder engine and the car can reach a speed up to 60 miles an hour in as less as 4 seconds. With comfortable interior, the car can go very fast while handling the road well.

Mercedes Benz C Class AMG C 63

This car only gets better and high in performance. This model is sportier than C 42 and has two turbocharged V8 engines. This car has a lot of power. There are Burmester sound speakers with the models.


There are new features for a person to expect in this BMW. There is a 530 e plug-in hybrid which will run on electricity. There is a twin-turbo V8 so the car will have a lot of power. The engine is made from aluminum block and heads, and will handle the road without a problem.

Kia Stinger GT

Kia has made some great model cars over the years and this sedan is no exception. It has a lot of power with the V6 engine. If they are looking to get better gas mileage they can also get the car in the four-cylinder model but it will not have as much power behind it. This is one of the sportier models designed by Kia. This brand is a great ride.

Lexus GS F

This car is designed to look sporty. There is a V8 engine and the car can reach 60 miles an hour in 4.7 seconds. There is a touch screen with many features. The car has excellent steering, a great braking system, and a lot of power. There are all luxury features a person might expect from the Lexus brand.