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Benefits Of An Affordable SUV From Gindra Motors

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When searching for an affordable and comfortable SUV, look no further than the stylish JMC SUV range.
Gindra Motors, a proud winner of the JMC Dealership of the Year Award, is offering motorists some tempting deals!
The Vigus and Landwind range combine luxury and affordability is reflected in their price tags.
The main drawcard is that, JMC SUVs offer motorists a luxury vehicle at an affordable price.
There are three models in the petrol-driven Landwind range, two with automatic transmission.
Prices range from R265 990 to top-of-the-range R353 880 – all with front-wheel drive.
Landwind delivers an economic 8.5l/100km.
The JMC Vigus is available in six different 2.4 double-cab models, both petrol and diesel.
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Starting at a modest R251 990, through to R379 880, the Vigus caters for the full gambit of SUV price tags.
All JMC SUVs are built for comfort and are among some of the most stylish eye-candy vehicles on the road today.