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Benefits of All Wheel Drive

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Why this sudden craze of AWD cars? If you knew about the various benefits of all wheel drive cars, even you would consider buying them. This advanced technology is not just a money-making business but an honest attempt to make driving much safer and comfortable for you guys...
The automobile market has certainly turned very affordable for customers all around the US. With the introduction of various car brands and models, most potential car buyers have actually landed in a pit of confusion as to which car suits them the best.
The economic recession had cash strapped many automobile companies, but slowly and steadily they have started to rise up again. Today, they are more focused on making cars which will satisfy the consumer's thirst for a perfect buy.
If you are one of the millions of future car buyers who are looking out for a decent car for your family, then this article on the various benefits of all wheel drive cars will prove very helpful.
You must have heard a lot of things about this All Wheel Drive technology (AWD). What is this all wheel drive? How is it going to be useful to me? and Why should I buy it? Such questions are going to pop in your mind when someone suggests you to buy an AWD car.
 Let me first explain to you first what is all wheel drive? Basically an all wheel drive car is a car which has a full-time 4 wheel drive system on. This means that all the four tires of your car will receive torque from the engine simultaneously.
Most people recommend AWD cars for individuals who live in snowy or wet areas, but an all wheel drive car is also great to drive on dry areas as well as on normal roads as it improves handling and stability.

Benefits of AWD Vehicles

The all wheel drive feature is something that not all cars offer and if you are thinking of purchasing a new set of wheels it would be a good idea if you read the benefits that an all wheel drive car has to offer.

Corner Balance

Since torque is distributed equally to all the four tires and not only on two, the load of carrying the car to the required destination is also reduced on the tires. Each tire handles the weight of the car equally which means the cornering force can be used individually and effectively.

Better Performance

Good performance and handling is one of the main reasons that cars are fitted with all wheel drive transmission. Mainly sports cars take advantage of this technology as it offers better performance and helps them drive at faster acceleration even on dry surfaces.
In such situations, torque is received in all the four wheels which means optimum use of engine's capacity. Steering is also pretty good as the front wheels are more focused on moving with the steering rather than just driving in a forward direction.

Best for Wet Roads

As I've mentioned before, people living in places where it snows or rains on a regular basis should definitely go for cars which have an AWD transmission. The most important advantage of such cars is the increased traction which makes driving much safe on slippery roads. With an AWD system the driver has a better control of the car and can navigate it easily.


One of the biggest benefits of all wheel drive vehicles is the amazing traction that they offer. Since all the wheels of the car work in taking the car in a forward direction, It can continue to run smoothly even if one tire loses its traction.
There are some vehicles like all wheel drive minivans which only give out power to the rear wheels when the front wheels experience a slippery surface but even in this situation it never fails to give the car the much required grip it needs on the road.
So these were the best benefits of all wheel drive vehicles. No matter what kind of vehicle you buy, it must be capable of driving in all road conditions and a car with AWD provides both safety and comfort which makes it an irresistible buy.