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Automotive Paint: Custom Car Painting

Kashmira Lad
Custom car painting has really caught on amongst most car enthusiasts. Here is the lowdown on why automotive paint has had a tremendous effect on people and caused a stir.
There was a time when automotive paints were very limited as far as the shades of colors were available. Cars in the earlier days were available either in basic white or black shades. But as the demand for the colors grew, so did the experimentation for the same as far as car manufacturers were concerned.
Today, car painting does not mean choosing only the right shade. One has to consider factors such as whether the paints are rust-free and scratch-proof. There are many different qualities available.
Cost is also an important factor. For example, the polyurethanes are generally at a higher end. There are also lower-grade qualities available of this kind. This is because of a certain pigment used in them that makes it a tad expensive. The least quality is that of the acrylic enamels.
The difference between them, apart from the price factor, is the durability of the paint. If you take a trip through any company that specializes in custom car paint jobs, you can get a variety of such paints available with their various categories and prices.
Every painter has his/her own recipe. People have even known to change the basic look of the car or even the performance of the car (by replacing the engine) if they want a custom car as per their desire. This always adds a personal touch to the model. Once the basic body structure is changed, the paint always remains to be the most important step.
The 1960s saw the use of wildly colored candy apple paint applied atop a metallic coat. There was also an addition of glitter and the use of multiple coats that produced a sparkling effect. These car enthusiasts were also known to add decorative coats of paint in the shape of flames, pinstripes etc., over these coats.

Logo Designs

Apart from long flames on the car, paint also got a new twist in the story. Today, there is a growing demand for logo designs. These are mainly popular amongst most car and bike enthusiasts as they can change the entire look of a plain car into a very eye-catching one. Many people use these logos as a representation of the company or for personal use.
Here, the painter has to take care that the color scheme used for the logo should match the basic color and look of the car. Most people today love to go in for a fiery car paint color that is bold and makes a statement. These can even be seen at a longer distance.
Serif fonts or delicate fonts are generally avoidable. This is because they may not always be visible at a distance. If the reasons are professional and you need to display a website address, always consider the font and use contrasting colors for better readability.
When it comes to automotive logo designs, one has to consider the objective of the design, the quality required, and the extent to which your creativity can be unleashed.
Sometimes, the designers use the different components of the car such as the handles, steering wheels etc., to display some more creative logos. Some of them break the traditional norms and implement trendy designs that look very creative and bring a 'designer' touch to the car.
Now that people are becoming interested, a lot of manufacturers are providing many more variations of car paints and colors.
Now, the trend has shifted to high-tech, color-shifting paints that also change hue as the car is rotated in the light. Such paints contain little flakes of pigment that bring about the change in color. These are especially popular whilst painting graphics and creating different backgrounds. They are also useful on the interiors of the car.